The Newest Addition To Season 5 Of The Crown Has A Surprising Connection To The Cast

With 135 awards under its belt, including the Golden Globe for best drama television series, "The Crown" has amassed a cult-like following (via IMDb). Based on Peter Morgan's award-winning play, the historical yet fictitious narrative of the British royals gives us a look inside the sneering drama, opulence, and traditional rigidity in Buckingham Palace — a perfect concoction of genres. Its fourth season, in which Princess Diana's rocky marriage and Princess Margaret's health take center stage, is currently streaming on Netflix (via Elle).

However, the streaming platform confirmed that Season 5 will be coming to your screen soon as the casting is underway (via Harper's Bazaar). If you watch the show, you'll know that all the actors are recast for new storylines and time periods. As such, there are new cast members currently being added to "The Crown"s upcoming season. Read on to know more about a certain cast member who isn't just playing a part.

The actor cast as Prince William is related to another cast member

For Season 5 of "The Crown," Netflix released a message from Imelda Staunton who said she'd be "inheriting the role of Queen Elizabeth from two outstanding actresses. Most recently, the wonderful Olivia Coleman and who could forget the actress who originated the part, Claire Foy" (via YouTube). Staunton's fictional son Prince Charles will be played by actor Dominic West, and Elizabeth Debicki will take over the role of Princess Diana (via Harper's Bazaar).

The show may be casting for accuracy as the actor playing Prince William is Dominic West's real-life son. Apparently, West's son's audition tape caught the attention of the show's producers. According to Variety, 13-year-old Senan West will be playing the teenage version of Prince William towards the end of the season. This might mean that the young actor will remain in character for the show's sixth and final season, too. The publication adds that this will be Senan's acting debut. What a grand way to start your career!