Is This How Jared Kushner Really Felt About Donald Trump After The Capitol Riot?

During the four years that his father-in-law was in the White House, Jared Kushner was one of Donald Trump's most trusted advisors and put in charge of a variety of projects, including overseeing the U.S.-Mexico border wall, brokering peace in the Middle East, and managing the country's medical stockpile during the pandemic (per Vox). While some questioned Kushner's ability to handle these issues since he had no prior government experience, the former president continued to put his faith in his daughter Ivanka's husband, calling him "my star" (per Business Insider).

"Jared's office is right next to Trump's in the Oval Office and he can go into the East Wing as well as the West Wing," journalist Andrea Bernstein told Vox. "So when everybody else leaves for the night, he can have family dinner with the president and that gives him enormous power. Trump also likes the sense that the family is running the business, and he trusts Ivanka and he trusts Jared."

It wasn't surprising that Kushner continued to hold a position of power during Trump's re-election campaign in 2020. Yet after Trump lost the election to current President Joe Biden, the relationship between Trump and Kushner reportedly began to wane. And while the rest of the Trump family was in Washington, D.C. during the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, Kushner was flying back from Saudi Arabia and went home after landing instead of joining his wife at the White House. 

Jared Kushner hid from Donald Trump after the Capitol riot

While Jared Kushner was once one of Donald Trump's most trusted advisors, Kushner actually hid from the former president after the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. "We'll just get in a fight if I go over there," Kushner told a Republican lawmaker the day after the riot, according to the book "Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show" by Jonathan Karl (per Business Insider). In fact, since his father-in-law lost the election to President Joe Biden, Kushner, along with his wife Ivanka, have been distancing themselves from their former boss. The couple moved with their three children to Miami, but rarely visit Trump at nearby Mar-a-Lago. "The drama of politics wore him down," a source said of Kushner (per CNN). "Eventually, Trump wears everyone down."

Kushner is also reportedly tired of listening to Trump complain about losing the 2020 election. "Sometimes the former President complains for several hours about the 'stolen' 2020 election. Other times, his frustrations emerge in fits and starts — more likely when he is discussing his hopeful return to national politics. And while he often has a rotating audience of cheering listeners, the gap between Trump and his daughter and son-in-law grows wider by the week," CNN's Kate Bennett and Gabby Orr wrote.