Everything You Can Do With Pie Dough Scraps

A fresh baked pie from the oven makes us smile for a number of reasons. It fills the house with nostalgic scents of heart warming spices, and the anticipation of the first bite feels almost as great as the first bite tastes. And lastly, it's the perfect dessert to share and impress your loved ones with.

If you're used to making pies, then you know there are often a lot of deliciously flaky pie dough scraps that end up getting tossed in the trash. But, before you roll up all the discarded extras from your countertops into a ball and throw them away, take a moment to reconsider. Why? Because leftover pie dough scraps can be the perfect base for both sweet and savory meals (via Food52). The best part is you can save them in an airtight container in your fridge for up to two days or in your freezer for up to two months.

Pie dough scraps are the perfect base for a new dessert or meal

Storing the leftover crust is easy. But if you're at a loss for how to reuse your dough, let us help you spur those creative juices. Your leftover pie dough scraps can easily be transferred into making another crowd favorite dessert. Take for example, chocolate-stuffed cookies. Simply roll out your dough and place chocolate chips in the middle and cover them entirely. Bake until the pie dough is golden brown and top them with powdered sugar. You can also make your version of a Pop Tart by rolling out your leftover dough and placing whatever kind of jam you would like in the center of the dough before baking (via Baking Mischief).

Your leftover pie dough scraps can easily be used to fulfill your more savory cravings. Pie dough can easily become crackers if you roll out the crust as thinly as possible and top the surface with cracked pepper and sea salt before baking. You can also use the scraps to bake mini savory pies for breakfast. If you have mini pie tins, or a baking pan for muffins, you can make a selection of spinach, egg, and feta pies. Or try using decadent mushroom, cheddar cheese, and cream filling (via Food52).

If you've gone to the effort to make a pie, then why not draw out your successful efforts into making another dessert or meal? It'll will just give you one more reason to smile.