How Much Does Sacheu Earn From YouTube?

After starting her YouTube channel in 2006, Sarah Cheung — otherwise known as Sacheu — began uploading beauty tutorials sometime around 2015. Since then, the beauty influencer has amassed over 800,000 subscribers on channel — and in 2020, Cheung expanded her talents into an actual business with Sacheu Beauty, which focuses mostly on the facial rollers and Gua Sha tools, per BeautyLish, that have always been mainstays in the creator's makeup routine.

It was the fan reaction to (and purchase of) these tools led Sacheu Beauty to branch out further in the beauty sphere with "complementary skincare products," according to the site. All along, Cheung has been uploading quality content to her YouTube and Instagram for her followers to enjoy, all while she continues to grow her brand.

Cheung's success as a beauty influencer has come with a lot of hard work and dedication. So, how much does she actually earn from her Sacheu YouTube channel?

It seems that Sacheu earns more from her beauty brand than from her YouTube channel

According to Idol Networth, Sarah Cheung has a net worth of around $2.5 million. When it comes to her YouTube earnings, it's a little more tricky to find out exactly how much she earns. Thankfully, statistics tracker Social Blade provides a rough estimate, which reports that Cheung earns anywhere between $95 to $1,500 monthly, and $1,100 to $13,000 yearly — which, granted, is a pretty big range.

Of course, these smaller numbers don't seem to match up with Cheung's estimated net worth. But since the creation of Sacheu Beauty in 2020, a lot of her revenue will most likely be coming through her actual business rather than her YouTube channel. Especially since it seems that doesn't post as regularly as she used to.

In fact, it that Cheung's attention has moved from YouTube to her business, as well as other social platforms, like Instagram (where she has over 300,000 followers), and TikTok (where she's amassed nearly 200,000 followers). She's able to advertise her brand even more so on these platforms, which has been key to the success fo Sacheu Beauty in the long term. "The support we received on social media was actually way beyond expectations for someone with a following of my size," she explained to The Quality Edit, adding, "I think it's because transparency and honesty go a long way."