What It Really Means When You Dream About Pregnancy Tests

Dreams come in all shapes and forms, and sometimes we dream about the most unexpected things. Perhaps your dream takes you on vacation to a place you never thought of going but your subconscious buckles you in and takes you on a road trip. Your dream might even feel like a life milestone is being me, but alas, you wake and realize that it was nothing but a fantasy and you really want to know why your mind went where it did.

If you dream about pregnancy tests, it may seem logical that you're dreaming about being pregnant and can't wait to have a baby in your life, but a pregnancy test dream, whether or not the dreamer is able to become pregnant, can mean so much more. According to Labex-Cortex, the dream can explore hopes and fears — and doesn't necessarily involve future babies at all.

What it means when you dream about a positive pregnancy tests

In your dream, you see those magical two lines appear on a test. Or maybe you're even dreaming of a more modern pregnancy test where a little screen just flashes the word "PREGNANT" in all capital letters. Does that mean you are pregnant or want to be pregnant? Not necessarily, according to Labex-Cortex.

If you don't have children and dream of a positive pregnancy test, it doesn't necessarily mean you want children, but a positive test dream may mean you might begin seeing fruits of your effort towards other things in life. If you do want children, the dream can symbolize transitioning your life into a new phase. If you are terrified upon seeing a positive pregnancy test in your dream, you might be worried about what other people think of you in all sorts of situations that don't necessarily mean pregnancy.

The Pleasant Dream notes that a positive pregnancy test in your dream could mean you're about to enter into a new relationship or explore a new phase in your professional life. It can also mean luck is on the way, and not necessarily family luck. According to AntyFlo.org, dreaming of someone else taking a positive pregnancy test may mean you fear being tested.

What it means when you dream about negative pregnancy tests

Sometimes the little screen may read "NOT PREGNANT" in your dream or all you see is a pink control line on the test, indicating that it's negative. If you feel relieved when you get a negative result in your dream, it could mean you're not ready for any new and big steps in your life, nor are you ready to take on new and large responsibilities. If you feel anxiety when you see the negative result in your dream, it could signify a fear of loss.

Many women start to dream of negative pregnancy tests after already learning they are pregnant and this is a clear indication that you have an overwhelming fear of losing the baby (via Labex-Cortex).

You might also feel a sense of disappointment in your dream if a pregnancy test comes back negative and that could be indicative of not yet realizing certain personal goals you set out for yourself earlier in life. As we can see, a pregnancy test in your dream can have many meanings and those meanings often have nothing to do with pregnancy at all.