This Is What It Means When You Have A Mole On Your Lip

To cover or not to cover? Depending on where it is, a mole on the lips can be a pain when it comes to applying any sort of cosmetics. But you may want to think twice about applying that concealer, because a mole on the lip can actually symbolize very positive things in some cultures. Not only that, but if it's on your upper lip – and therefore classed as a beauty mark — you've got some serious Marilyn Monroe vibes happening.

Symbolism-wise, it all depends on which part of the lip the mole sits on. This includes above or below the upper and lower lip, or on the lips themselves. According to Times of India, astrology suggests that the most lucky of moles is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the beauty mark. The outlet claims that the Marilyn look means that you're a "warm person who is generally good to all." But, perhaps like the movie star herself, you may have a "weakness" for romance and are wowed by the idea of a life of luxury. 

But what about the meaning behind all of the other mole placements on your mouth?

A mole on the inner side of your upper lip can reportedly signify skills in 'mystic forces and mantras'

A mole on your lower lip can indicate that you're passionate about a lot, including a love of food as well as acting. Interestingly, there's also a possibility that you're more susceptible to gaining weight, according to one TikTok user, but they don't specify whether this is in relation to the upper or lower lip. But seeing as one person discussing that notion points to their lower lip, it's safe to assume that's what they're referring to.

When it comes to the more inner parts of your lips, a mole on the upper inner lip can signify skills "in mystic forces and mantras," according to Times of India, while a mole on the lower inner lip could point towards a tendency to gamble. If a mole is positioned on your mouth more towards your cheek, this can suggest several positive traits: you may be a very sensitive — and healthy — person with a loving family.

As exciting as these possibilities are, it's also worth noting that a mole on the lip may need more attention and protection than other moles on your body. As they are cased by exposure to UV rays from the sun, per Healthline, there's a risk of skin cancer (as is the case with most moles). But in general, moles or freckles on the lips are harmless. Just be sure to see your doctor if you have any concerns.