Tattoos That Women Find Most Attractive On Men

Attraction is an interesting phenomenon in that it works differently for different people. Men with boyish looks like Timothée Chalamet's get some women all flustered and weak in the knees. For others, dark and edgy looks like Jason Momoa's are simply irresistible. And some just can't get over the appeal of the rugged looks of men like Daniel Craig, per Celebrity Toob.

When it comes down to it, attraction is deeply a matter of personal choice. But certain people and certain things are perceived as being more attractive than others. And the more people gravitate towards their allure, the more universally appealing they seem to become.

This analogy can be applied to tattoos as well, particularly the ones that men get and how attracted women may or may not be by them. The belief seems to be that well-inked tattoos generally add cool points to a man's attraction scorecard, per Independent. But as appealing as these tattoos may all look, women are giving the nod of approval to some more than others.

And we've figured out all the ones they love to see on men most.

Women love tattoos that are simple and not too big

If the tattoo you've got is something simple or something little, you may be in for some lingering, lustful looks from the ladies. Many of them think minimal body art is supremely sexy and breathtaking, per GQ. These cute little tattoos make bigger statements than the ones that are over-the-top (per Man Of Many). Plus, many women tend to see them as a sign of men who are self-sufficient and confident in their masculinity, per GQ.

If you're wondering what type of minimalist tattoo you should go for, you may want to go for one that sits nicely on the inside of your forearm. You could also get it on your fingers, on your chest, or just beneath your shoulder blade, per The Trend Spotter. A simple pulse tattoo would do, per Alpha Male Blueprint

A cross tattoo also never goes out of fashion, and neither does a mountain tattoo or angel wings, according to The Trend Spotter.

How about a bird tattoo?

If you've got bird-themed body art, you can count on getting a fair amount of approving glances from ladies, confirms GQ. One bird that's been approved sexy is the owl, per Trend Spotter. The nautical swallow will also catch the ladies' eye. But don't limit yourself to these birds, as your options are unlimited. It's only right that you let your imagination soar as freely as imaginable on this one. It's a bird tattoo you're getting, after all.

Another great reason a bird tattoo makes sense is that they are fairly easy to create, sparing you time and pain, per Trend Spotter. For a tattoo that's going to come out looking as snazzy as can be, these pros add more to its appeal and make it almost difficult to say no to getting one. It looks like "Portlandia" was right — you really should "put a bird on it."

Tattoo something in a different language and watch the ladies swoon

Ok, maybe "swoon" is a little dramatic, but you get the point. Tattoos gotten in a foreign language are a huge hit with the ladies, according to a survey conducted by GQ. The mystery of the language and the fact that the message of the tat is cryptic seems to be part of the allure of this one.

But for this to be as captivating as intended, you better make sure to ink only a language you actually speak. For languages to consider, you may want to follow the advice of Universal Translation Services which suggests French or Latin might be the ideal languages for your tattoo. But again, you need to be a speaker of the language and know the actual meaning of what you're getting. Don't go around spotting a tattoo written in Japanese, the meaning of which you have absolutely no clue about.

Anchor tattoos keep the ladies on your side

Anchor tattoos are too smoldering hot for many women to ignore. So maybe you should consider getting one when next you visit the tattoo parlor. Anchor tats have deep meanings (per Saved Tattoo), look absolutely fabulous. And the ladies are super-attracted to them, per GQ — really, what's there to not love about these things? Feel free to draw them up on your wrist, upper arm, and even on your finger, per Byrdie.

Other tattoos that women really love include tattoos of fierce animals such as lions, elephants, and bears, per Trend Spotter. You may want to stay away from rose tattoos, along with skull and dagger tattoos, though. Ladies don't always dig those, per GQ.

Ladies also think full-arm tattoos are breathtaking, per GQ, as are tattoos on the biceps and on the back, per Play House Tattoos. And if you're wondering where the worst places to draw a tattoo on would be, the feet and inner ears are the answers you're looking for, according to Bustle.