Here's What Gal Gadot Looks Like In Real Life Vs. Instagram

A former model, martial artist and soldier in the Israeli army, Gal Gadot is among the most beautiful women in the world. Not only that, but her unique background has enabled her to take the character of Wonder Woman to new heights. Like most movie stars, Gadot frequently pops up on red carpets looking incredibly glamorous, but over on social media, she keeps things surprisingly real. Or at least as real as any A-lister is willing to be, which means makeup-free selfies (via Instagram) that are likely still edited and refined accordingly. 

Regardless of whether Gadot is putting her real best face forward or not, there's no denying the woman has been blessed with great genes. Her skin looks flawless whether it's fully made up or not and, according to the "Wonder Woman" star, that's because she takes care of herself from the inside out. As she told Self back in April, "The better [my wellness practice] is, the better I am." The former "Miss Israel" treats everything as meditation, drinks plenty of water, and always ensures she gets enough sleep each night. As a result, being caught out and about when she's not fully done up isn't an issue for the actor. 

Gal Gadot's dedication to self care shines through

Gal Gadot keeps it simple when it comes to both skincare and makeup. In 2015, she admitted to Vogue that she hates the feeling of heavy product on her face, preferring instead to mix foundation and day cream. "It looks like you're not wearing anything, but at the same time your skin tone is even and beautiful," she told Life & Style magazine. (Could this be what she's wearing in those pared-down Instagram posts?) On a normal day, when the actor doesn't have to worry about showing up to a red carpet event or to do any press, Gadot opts for a simple swipe of mascara, as she told Vogue. When she does feel like glamming up though, the "Wonder Woman" star favors a bold lip above all else. 

Gadot is a self-confessed beauty hoarder, revealing to Harper's Bazaar in 2016 that she has a whole cabinet filled with products because, "I'm always testing various creams and serums." She prioritizes keeping her whole body moisturized, but Gadot doesn't necessarily break the bank to get silky-soft skin all over. "I use lots of different body lotions, but my favorite is Nivea Rich and Nourishing Body Moisturizer," she explained. "It's cheap but it's so good." Given the amount of work the ex-model puts in behind the scenes, it's unsurprising she looks just as good with and without makeup.