If You're A Libra, This Is The Perfect Coffee Order For You

If you know a Libra (or if you are one), then you are likely familiar with the warmth of this sign; loving and magnanimous, they care immensely about those they love and the world at large (via Allure). This natural love of harmony and of people make them both social butterflies and inherent peacekeepers. In other words, not only will they happily tag along with you to your favorite coffee shop to chat, but they will listen intently to your troubles and help you find a healthy, balanced way of approaching them. 

An aesthetically pleasing coffee shop with lovely sparkly fairy lights and cozy furniture surrounded by books and pretty things would be right up the alley of beauty-loving Libra. Ruled by Venus, this air sign appreciates beauty in all forms, from natural to musical to human. They are romantic and dreamy, but are also doers, so a Libra might be happy to go to a coffee shop on a date or to sit quietly alone and get work done. 

But once at this cafe, what would a Libra most likely enjoy in their mug? 

Think balance

According to Astrologer Kim Green from Valdosta, Georgia, predicting a person's favorite cup of joe based on their zodiac sign isn't as crazy as it might sound (via Eating Well). In fact, you just need to consider the traits that Libras most commonly display and the preferences that those traits tend to lend themselves to. Libras care about aesthetics, sensual experience, and balance, so she thinks they would be most inclined to order a cafe au lait.

This drink is made by combining steamed milk with a shot of espresso in a perfect 1:1 ratio (via Perfect Daily Grind). So why would this appeal to a Libra? Green explains, "Libras want everything refined and pretty, since they're ruled by the planet Venus." Plus, she adds, the perfect half-and-half recipe appeals to Libra's sense of balance.

So there you have it, folks! The perfect coffee order for the loving, romantic Libra.