If You're A Gemini, This Is The Perfect Coffee Order For You

Geminis are the human embodiment of that old Double Mint Gum commercial: "double the pleasure, double the fun!" Classically represented by the twins, this air sign has enough passions, interests, hobbies and pursuits for two people, and they often wish they could clone themselves just to get everything done and go in as many directions as they want at the same time (via Allure). 

While they have the unfortunate reputation of being two-faced because of this, what's closer to the truth is that they rarely have ulterior motives or hidden agendas; if they don't follow through with plans or see something to fruition, it isn't because they didn't care, but because their always-fascinated mind became preoccupied with something else. 

Geminis love to try new things, learn new things, create new things, and explore new things. They are extraverted, social, and intelligent, and they are always enthusiastic about whatever they are pursuing, from a degree to a relationship to a morning cup of coffee. But what sort of coffee would best suit the excited, adventurous Gemini? 

Duality is the name of the game

While it might seem strange to assume a person could predict your favorite coffee order based solely on your zodiac sign, professional Astrologer Kim Green tells Eating Well that it's really as simple as paying attention tot he universal traits that most Geminis share. A Gemini is more likely than some signs to be excited to share an in-depth conversation over a cup of coffee in a bustling cafe, as they love both communication and treats. 

Considering the duality of this sign, Green feels the most perfect order for a twin is doppio (or double shot) with whipped cream. This traditional drink combines the bitter, heavy espresso with the light sweetness of the whipped cream, creating a drink that appeals to both sides of a Gemini. 'But if they stick around for a second cup, we wouldn't be surprised if they want to try something new and different, just on principle!