If You're A Capricorn, This Is The Perfect Coffee Order For You

Being a Capricorn hinges on being a leader, but even leaders require guidance at times. This sign can struggle in dating, for example, because they can appear overbearing or distant. The same can be said for their friendships. Therefore, a Capricorn should befriend certain other signs, and a Capricorn should even marry certain particular zodiac partners. Because they're work-oriented, Capricorns should consider certain career fields, too.

According to The Times of India, Capricorns focus on the big picture and therefore can appear pulled out of life, as if they're not in the moment. They work toward bigger picture life moments like career goals and marriage, but they often need help with the small stuff in life because of this. This includes their coffee order.

Capricorns are very particular, so they likely already have a set coffee order. It probably contains no extra frills, and they probably order drinks with as much caffeine as possible because they need fuel to get as much done each day as their bodies can handle. Still, their order may not be the best one for them.

Capricorns need a happy medium between caffeine and creaminess

For Capricorns, coffee is a staple, and any Capricorn who doesn't drink coffee is probably pounding energy drinks or tea to compensate. In fact, according to FabFitFun, the perfect coffee order for Capricorns is the cafe au lait. Like with anything in life, Capricorns consider the bigger picture when ordering coffee. They want energy to get a lot of work done, but they don't want to crash. Therefore, the cafe au lait is the perfect medium.

This drink consists of brewed coffee with steamed milk (and usually not much sugar), which means they won't crash from too much sweet stuff or be jittery later from espresso. Still, they'll be energized throughout the day. This drink is also perfect to have multiple cups of, which Capricorns love, too. Similarly, Spoon University notes that Capricorns typically love lattes as well. Both cafe au laits and lattes are creamy by nature, but the latter contains espresso. However, Capricorns can control the amount of espresso in a latte, which is the ultimate deciding factor for them.

At Starbucks, however, Capricorns might opt for cold brew despite ordering cafe au laits and lattes elsewhere (via Delish). Starbucks' cold brew is known for its decent caffeine content, and cream can be added to it (and sugar not added to it), so it falls right into Capricorns' preferred coffee realm. Ultimately, a drink with some cream and little sugar is what turns Capricorns' gears.

Happy coffee drinking!