Here's What Sean Spicer Really Thinks Of Jen Psaki

As White House press secretaries, Sean Spicer and Jennifer Psaki are like night and day. Spicer began his career behind the White House press briefing podium lying about the crowd size at the then-president Donald Trump's inauguration in 2017 (via NBC News), often picking on and chastising select reporters. Psaki, on the other hand, is known by some of her colleagues for her no-nonsense approach, as well as her snappy answers given to the likes of Fox News' Peter Doocy, per The Wrap

According to The New York Times, Spicer lasted in his White House position for about six months, resigning in July of 2017. Meanwhile, Psaki is still going strong at the time of writing, nearly one year into the presidency of Joe Biden. However, Psaki did reveal on The Axe Files podcast that she does plan on leaving her role at some point in 2022 to let someone else have the position. 

Per The Washington Post, Spicer ended up on "Dancing With the Stars" after his White House stint, and while we can't see Psaki doing the same, Spicer certainly likes to offer his opinion on the woman who now has his job nearly five years later.

Sean Spicer lashed out at Jen Psaki

In September 2021, President Joe Biden decided to do something about the fact that several members of the Trump administration sat on military service academy boards and asked them to resign from their roles or be fired. According to The Guardian, these members included the former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway and his former press secretary, Sean Spicer. 

When Spicer got the news that he was going to lose his board position, he used his role as a Newsmax anchor to discuss Biden's decision and announced that he would not be handing in his resignation. He then turned his ire to Jen Psaki, who he accused of questioning his position on the board (via Twitter). 

"Don't you DARE ever minimize or question my service to this nation! You got it!" he said angrily, referring to Psaki. Spicer also threatened to sue the Biden administration, which he did a few weeks later to great fanfare, CNN reported.

Sean Spicer offers mixed feelings about Jen Psaki

When The New York Times published a profile of Jen Psaki in September 2021, the outlet interviewed former White House press secretaries to get their opinion on her, and Sean Spicer certainly didn't hold back. After all, the story coincided with him being asked to resign from his military board position.

"Jen chose to stand and question my qualifications and services to this country. Once she did that, the gloves were off," he told The New York Times. Spicer also shared his belief that Psaki is having a much easier ride in the role than he ever did, despite the two holding the exact same position. "I walked into the lion's den every day — she walks into a bunch of kittens," he said to the publication. 

A month later, however, Spicer's opinion seemed to suddenly change when he praised Psaki in an interview with Newsweek. "As a spokesperson, your job, and I said this after I left, is to represent the views and thoughts of the person that you're with," Spicer said. "Frankly, I think Jen does that fine."