What Does The Temperance Card Mean In Tarot?

While each tarot reading is unique and the cards pulled pertain to individual people and situations, there are certain cards that seem to come up time and again. Sometimes, that's a good thing, while other times, it's cause for concern. It can be difficult to memorize the entire deck, but a working knowledge of some of the main cards can help you to interpret your readings without constantly having to consult a guidebook or website. For example, if the Temperance card comes up for you, it's a safe bet that your reading is a positive one. Here's what you need to know. 

Temperance is the fourteenth card in the Major Arcana, per Allure. The Major Arcana consists of the first 22 cards in the deck and provides insight into universal human experiences like love, relationships with authority, and life changes. By understanding these cards in particular, you can begin to interpret what the cards are meaning to tell you. While each of the 22 cards offer insight into something particular, Temperance comes as a warning to be patient in whatever area of your life you are examining at the time of your reading, per The Tarot Guide. Often, it appears when life is stressful, as a reminder to take it easy and not try to force anything. Temperance comes with a message that exerting additional effort for the sake of control may not have the outcome that you're hoping for. Additionally, it is a promise of change on the horizon. 

The Temperance card in tarot readings

Regardless of the deck that your reading utilizes, the Temperance card depicts someone — often an angel — with both masculine and feminine energy balancing one foot on land and one in the water, per Biddy Tarot. The foot on the ground calls for balance, while the foot in the water urges you to go with the flow. Additionally, there is usually water being poured from one cup to another, representing the symbolic flow of life. Behind the central figure, there is often a winding road going through the a mountain range that represents your own journey through life. Sunshine on the mountains represents staying on the Higher path and being true to your life's purpose.

Like all cards, Temperance has different meanings when upright or inverted. When upright, it represents balance, moderation, patience, and purpose. However, when the card is reversed, it brings your attention to imbalance and excess in your life; calling for self-healing and re-alignment. Whether you're getting Temperance in a love, health, professional, or general reading, its meaning remains primarily the same. Patience is key to getting what you want and fulfilling your purpose in the given situation, per The Tarot Guide. Temperance in a love reading is one of the best cards that you can get, letting you know that with patience and faith everything will work out. 

All in all, the Temperance card brings good news and awareness to your need to rest in a situation and all will work out.