The Best Shampoo Bars To Keep Your Hair Looking Healthy

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If you're a lover of all things beauty, you probably have a fully-lined skin and haircare arsenal, chock-full of the latest product trends and classic must-haves. Chances are, you have a favorite dry shampoo for third no-wash days, a trusty waterproof mascara that will stay put through beach days, and lipsticks in every shade under the sun. There's that hairspray you swear by for keeping curls bouncy, that eyeshadow that's a surefire recipe for someone complimenting your eyes, and that miracle-in-a-body-scrub that wards off the winter cold's effects. But even if you have an all-time favorite shampoo, there's a new kid on the block that will kick your regular hair wash routine to the curb.

You might be thinking, I wouldn't leave my hydrating-yet-weightless shampoo for the world. While we're sure your tried-and-true bottled formula is great, you might not even be thinking about giving shampoo bars a try instead. Yes, you might be wincing at the thought of scrubbing the equivalent of your grandmother's bar soap all over your precious locks, but this is a whole different ball game. Shampoo bars are packed with moisture-locking oils, give you a deep clean, and make for the easiest traveling experience imaginable. Even better? They're notoriously environmentally friendly, leaving behind zero waste once they're finished. 

Just like regular shampoos, these bars come in all shapes and sizes, ready to combat frizz, increase hair growth, or make your scalp less oily over time. Convinced yet? Here are our favorite shampoo bars for every hair concern.

Budget-friendly shampoo bars

Before we get into specific hair needs, there's one shampoo bar category we can all appreciate: easy on the wallet. Although body bar soaps will run you just a few dollars at the drugstore, shampoo bars' ingredients are more specific, and they're usually more expensive. All of those moisture-retaining butters and oils are costly, not to mention creating a formula that is delicate enough to go easy on your mane while still cleansing it. Sure, most shampoo bars are just a tad on the pricey side — but we've found two that run you less than a cup of to-go coffee.

First up, countless outlets recommend Love Beauty and Planet's Muru Muru Shampoo Bar ($4.99), and with good reason. As Allure notes, this bar makes use of vitamin-A-rich murumuru butter, coming straight from Amazon rainforest palm trees. per Healthline. This makes it a top-tier option for anyone with chemically-processed hair or who has concerns about preserving color treatments. Grab this budget-friendly bar if your hair is on the drier side, you prefer sulfate-free formulas, and you love a floral, coconut-oil-infused scent, suggests Byrdie. And according to Who What Wear, the rose extract in this is fantastic for hydration.

You can also try Public Goods' Shampoo Bar ($5), a drugstore-priced cheapie that's seriously effective for a sulfate-free wash. Recommended by Vogue, this bar contains lavender oil for a relaxing shower experience and rosemary extract for volume. Olive oil, coconut oil, and aloe vera build up the hair shaft from within.

Prefer the luxe route? Try these bars instead

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you might want to look into the most decadent, luxurious shampoo bars money can buy. Bars that can be found at the most opulent of spas and hotels, and that combine lush, super-sumptuous, hard-to-find ingredients. If you don't mind spending more to keep your hair in tip-top shape, try these alternatives.

A celebrity favorite loved by the likes of Gigi Hadid, per Harper's Bazaar, Odacité is a California-based, French-inspired beauty brand making the rounds for its downright-impressive "clean-minded" ethos. If looking for an option that's soap-free, vegan, and super moisturizing, try the brand's 552M Shampoo Bar ($29), made with argan, coconut, and castor oils to combat frizz and fortify strands, per Vogue. Lipid-rich cupuacu oil pushes this bar's hydration powers even further, while the spa-ready lemon scent is absolutely heavenly. This is great for all hair types, especially those looking for quenching without sacrificing volume at the roots.

We also love Fischersund's Shampoo Bar ($33), an Iceland-made alternative that beauty expert Amy Chang told Vanity Fair is "the equivalent of an oil cleanser but for your hair." Intrigued? As per Chang, the coconut, castor, and olive oils in the formula "are able to penetrate the hair shaft, nourishing the strand from within as well as coating the outside for overall shine." Grab this if you want hydration but still want something that gets rid of grease and environmental pollutants.

Shampoo bars tailor-made for sensitive scalps

You might be factoring in a unique concern when it comes to switching up your shampoo: Will it irritate your scalp? While some people are lucky enough to switch from product to product without issue, others get hit with itchiness, a burning sensation, or scalp redness if they're not careful. If this is you, not to fret. We've uncovered the best shampoo bars for super-sensitive scalps.

Try HiBAR's Moisturize Fragrance-Free Shampoo Bar ($12.69) if you want something that is as clean as can be without sacrificing hydration, especially at the ends. Allure recommends this option if you have delicate skin with a tendency for flare-ups, citing its super-soothing rice proteins and coconut oil. While some fragrance-free options can strip the hair shaft, this readily moisturizes while still keeping harsh essential oils out, as well as being free of soap, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, and silicone. The unique shape is great for holding and massaging right into your hair, too.

Skinny & Co's Fragrance-Free Handcrafted Shampoo Bar ($19.99) is phenomenal, too, cited by Mind Body Green as one of the best on the market for anyone looking for a fragrance-free option that kicks preservatives and chemicals to the curb. This unisex option makes ample use of coconut oil for all the nourishment to boot. This one is your best bet after a keratin treatment or a fresh highlights look you want to preserve for as long as possible.

Is hydration your end-game? Try these bars for dry hair

Many of us would love some more moisture at the hair shaft, especially after a hair-coloring treatment or too many beach days with tons of sun exposure. Sure, several shampoo bars promise at least some hydration, but we've found the absolute best thirst-quenching options for fried ends. Your hair will love these!

Christophe Robin's Hydrating Aloe Vera Shampoo Bar ($22) is a must-try if you have dry hair, bringing in aloe, glycerin, and nourishing castor oil to tame flyaways and repair your mane from the inside-out. This will give you the epitome of bouncy, shiny hair, promising both volume and a healthy dose of hydration you'll love. Christophe Robin's shampoo bar is recommended by countless outlets, with Allure saying it's perfect for all hair types, and its sulfate-free approach makes it great for gently washing both your locks and body. Plus, Amy Chang explained to Vanity Fair that the sodium phytate in this formula is perfect if you wash your hair with hard water, as it "binds to heavy metals and removes them from strands."

Another must-try is Brite Organix Bar None Hydrating Shampoo Bar ($12), which brings together nourishing ingredients like cocoa, shea, and coconut butter in order to hydrate hair at the follicle, per Vogue. Byrdie named this the top shampoo bar for dry hair, saying it is supremely moisturizing, rich in antioxidants, and smells ah-mazing. As per Who What Wear, it only has 11 super-clean ingredients, too.

The best shampoo bars for oily hair types

On the other side of the spectrum, you may deal with hair that gets greasy a mere few hours after washing it, leading you to always be at the ready with your trusty dry shampoo in hand. If this is the case, we've found extra-cleansing shampoo bars that might be your best bet yet.

Ah, is there a better beauty brand than artisanal, super clean, nourishing Lush? Just walking into their store at the mall feels like going to a theme park for skin and haircare addicts, reveling in all those technicolor bath bombs, handmade soaps, and creamy, whipped body butters. As expected, the brand's Flyway Hair Shampoo Bar ($13.95) gets an A+ for being mega-volumizing and zapping away grease with sea salt and cleansing lemon oil. This bar features a slightly rough texture for serious scrub action, with Treehugger saying it makes hair soft-to-the-touch. Moreover, chamomile and cocoa make sure your scalp stays healthy and hydrated.

If volume and oil-control is your mission, look no further than Basin's Charcoal Shampoo Bar ($8.99), recommended by Byrdie as the best bar shampoo for oily scalps. This bar features purifying charcoal, which absorbs grease at the source while going gentle on your skin. Mind Body Green says this bar is great for warding off environmental pollution and will get your scalp tingly clean after a long day. The coconut oil and aloe vera in this bar make sure it's moisturizing on your ends, too.

Yes, frizz-reducing shampoo bars exist

One hair concern that doesn't get as much love in the shampoo bar world is frizz, which may put you off the whole idea of scrubbing your scalp with a block in lieu of a liquid formula. Shampoo bars are all about getting a deep clean or being nourishing, and not always so much about taming flyaways. Luckily, we've found incredibly-effective shampoo bars that combat frizz like there's no tomorrow (even in seriously-humid climates!).

Ethique's Frizz Wrangler Shampoo Bar ($12.61) is the quintessential option if you want something environmentally-friendly, moisturizing, and frizz-fighting. Today recommends this product for anyone dealing with frizz, dryness, or hair damage, citing it as one of the best shampoo bars for color-treated, chemically-processed, or textured manes. You'll love waking up its tropical coconut scent, while slick ingredients like coconut oil and cocoa butter make sure your hair is hydrated within the follicle. More than 12,000 Amazon reviews averaging out to 4.6 stars say this bar is a "game-changer" and simply "the best."

Similarly fantastic for frizz, Unwrapped Life's The Balancer Shampoo Bar ($14) blends calendula, shea, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and quinoa protein to seal hair at the shaft, taming flyaways for good. Mind Body Green says this pick works for frizz and dry scalps, getting rid of dandruff with essential oils like neroli and rosewood. Grab this option if dealing with a humid climate and scalp irritation all at once — you'll love how volumizing it is to boot.

The top shampoo bars for color-treated hair

Another hair concern you might be very particular about is your color treatment. Whether you have buttery balayage highlights, dark all-over color, or fluorescent rainbow locks, chances are, you want to protect your shade. While some shampoo bars can strip your color, make it brassy, or change your look entirely, we've found alternatives that will preserve color processing for months after a salon visit.

One of your main reasons for refusing to ditch your trusty, bottled hair washing routine might be very simple: you just really love your blonde-reviving purple shampoo too much. Yes, purple shampoo is a miracle product for lifting brassiness or orange undertones into a perfect, light, beach blonde, and we've found a shampoo bar option that works just as well. Superzero's Purple Shampoo Bar ($18) is everything we never knew we needed, using chamomile to turn dull, yellow tones into bright-as-can-be platinum all while keeping things environmentally friendly. This one is great if you want a sulfate-free product but still love a thick lather. Per Allure, this bar also makes use of avocado oil for supreme nourishment.

Another great option for color-treated locks is HiBAR's Maintain Shampoo ($12.99), specifically formulated to stop fading color right in its tracks. The honeyquat in this formula makes hair glossy as can be, while shea butter helps hair grow long and strong even after chemical processing. According to Vanity Fair, this bar is particularly amazing for curly, dry hair in need of fortifying.

These va-va-voom bars are all about volume

Did somebody say volume? We're not talking about the kind you turn up in the car while jamming to Taylor Swift's latest 10-minute-long "All Too Well" (here's looking at you, Jake Gyllenhaal) — this kind of volume is all about a bombshell mane. If big hair is your game, here are the absolute best shampoo bars for you.

Peach's Volumizing Shampoo Bar ($12.95) is a must-have, specifically created for thinning hair that tends to become oily or fall lifeless just after a wash. Beauty expert Amy Chang told Vanity Fair that this brand is a sustainable, small-batch distributor, and makes triangular-shaped bars for easy holding. This volumizing option makes your hair go into overdrive when it comes to making keratin, with Chang explaining that it lathers up through "coconut-derived surfactants" instead of traditional sulfates. No parabens, phthalates, or silicones, and a delicious sweet, honey scent make this a perfect buy. Grab a few of these for last-minute Christmas gifts!

Back to cool-girl brand Lush because, well, it's amazing. Their Seanik Shampoo Bar ($12.95) is another great alternative if you want to lift at the roots, mixing sea salt and lemon oil for beach-inspired volume and body. Byrdie says this is the best bar for fine hair, creating the illusion of thicker locks while smoothing hair. The seaweed in the formula also packs tons of vitamins and amino acids, which work to strengthen your mane. Thousands of reviews say this nutrient-rich bar is "amazing" and "squeaky-clean."

Want an at-home spa experience? These shampoo bars smell amazing

You might be one of the lucky ones, fortunate enough to not really have any hair concern at all. If this is you (and we must say we have some hair envy!), then may we suggest simply focusing on creating the best-ever, scent-driven spa experience imaginable? Here are the best shampoo bars if you want the best-smelling product money can buy.

If you love a tropical scent, there's no better option than Klorane's Nourishing Shampoo Bar with Mango ($14). Hairstylist Dhairius Thomas told Vanity Fair that using it on clients is a surefire formula for rave reviews: "'What is that?' is the question I always get when using this shampoo." The rich mango scent "gets the most reactions" out of all other products for a reason, incorporating Caribbean-grown mango butter right in the mix. The cold-pressed mango kernels don't just smell good; this formula is smoothing and strengthening. As per one reviewer, this is "the best shampoo bar" ever and is hydrating, too.

By Human Kind's Shampoo Bars ($15) are known for focusing on scents, allowing buyers to choose from a wide range including citrus-lavender with rose and tangerine, or the very-refreshing peppermint. We adore the lemongrass version, laced with bergamot and sage, especially if going for an energizing, spa-inspired blend. Apart from the amazing scents, these bars are cold-pressed for maximum efficacy, per Vogue, combining sunflower, coconut, and castor oils with oats and B5 for healthy hair.

The best vegan shampoo bars

Shampoo bars are known for being an environmentally-conscious way of washing hair, leaving zero waste behind once they're finished. Still, you might want to take it a step further by using a vegan bar. With nary any honey or goat milk in sight, these shampoo bars are 100% vegan.

We adore VIORI's Shampoo Bars ($16.25), a vegan alternative that is molded to look like a gorgeous flower. This bar is formulated with Longsheng rice water to make her unbelievably shiny, soft, and strong, an ingredient traditionally used by China's Red Yao tribe for healthy hair. These bars are the product of a partnership between the brand and the tribe and are ethically sourced, sustainable, sulfate-free, and zero waste. Amy Chang explained to Vanity Fair that the vitamin B8 in rice water "is thought to help with hair loss," making this bar "a great option for someone with damaged hair from coloring or frequent heat styling, as it contains hydrolyzed rice protein which can strengthen strands."

Another unbeatable vegan option is Meow Meow Tweet's Lavender Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar ($12), which is handmade, plastic-free, and compostable. While this bar doesn't lather up too much, it makes up for it by making hair squeaky-clean and offering tons of moisture through coconut, olive, and castor oils, plus shea butter and coconut milk. As per Women's Health, the hemp seed oil in this bar offers fantastic hydration, while mica clay soaks up all the pesky oil from your roots.

Dandruff-fighting shampoo bars

Move over, Head & Shoulders. While dandruff is notoriously difficult to get rid of, we've found downright-incredible shampoo bars that soak away flakes, scrub your scalp to soothed-perfection, and leave the freshest feeling. Plus, these bars are tailor-made for even the most sensitive skin.

If you deal with flakes and an itchy scalp, look no further than Ethique's Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar ($10.89). Recommended by Byrdie for being the best bar on the market for dandruff, this option is plant-based, pH-balanced, and completely soap-free. This won't mess with your scalp's microbiome and is made with gentle coconut oil and oats to naturally soothe the scalp. Making use of Ayurvedic techniques, this bar also combines neem and karanja oil to get rid of dandruff stat, with Treehugger saying it also has a sweet, fruity fragrance. Lime oil breaks down flakes and grime, while nearly 12,000 Amazon reviews say this is the "best eco-friendly" shampoo bar they've used.

Similarly, Superzero's Shampoo Bar for Flakes and Itchy Scalp ($18) will stop flakes in their tracks, fighting dandruff with refreshing tea tree oil and Brazilian Ziziphus Joazeiro bark extract, a natural antibacterial that's also rich in hair-healthy saponins, per Naturvital. The rosemary leaf oil in this formula is super-soothing, and it makes a luxurious lather, too. Treehugger's shampoo bar tester said this product led to far less dandruff after just a month of use, with shea butter and avocado oil working to keep your scalp and ends from drying out.

If your hair is weak or brittle, try these strengthening shampoo bars

Conversely, you might be dealing with a far different issue altogether: tons of hair breakage. If your hairbrush is full of split ends, and you struggle to grow your mane out to long lengths, then a fortifying shampoo bar is right for you.

Garnier Whole Blends Ginger Recovery Strengthening Shampoo Bar ($7.49) is a grocery-store-found alternative that is just as good as pricier options for building hair up from within. We love this bar for its zero-plastic enclosure, calming honey scent, and its antioxidant-rich ginger component. Celeb hairstylist Ashley Streicher told Women's Health, "it's the first one I've used that cleanses the same if not better than a liquid and the fact that it's made for hair and not hair [and] body really targets your hair and scalp." Tailor-made for anyone who's finding a bit too much hair on their bathroom floor, this bar will fortify your hair and help it grow to impossible lengths.

We also can't get enough of J·R·Liggett's All-Natural Shampoo Bar ($9.99), which Byrdie says is the best alternative on the market today. It's packed with luxurious ingredients like argan oil and virgin coconut oil, plus scalp-soothing tea tree oil, moisturizing olive oil and vitamins A, B, and E. All about hair health, the moisture-boosting components of this bar will make your hair noticeably shinier. Plus, this bar creates a shield against environmental pollution and is 100% natural and handmade. 

The top shampoo bars for curly or coarse hair types

If you have a curly or coarse hair type, you might wince at the idea of scrubbing your hair with something akin to a drugstore cake of soap. Still, you can make your curls bouncy, shiny, and lustrous with the right shampoo bar, and keep them super-hydrated, too.

One of the best bars out there for curly, dry hair, Davines' LOVE Shampoo Bar ($25) is a luxe moisturizing option that might even kick your conditioner to the curb. It is recommended by countless outlets, with Allure saying it accentuates spirals, downplays frizz, and contains olive and sunflower oil for vitamin-packed hydration. Hairstylist Dhairius Thomas told Vanity Fair that this is the one if "you're looking to tame frizz and combat dehydrated hair," and if you're craving a "rich, creamy lather that leaves hair silky smooth." Even more, the lavender scent is apparently downright-delicious and relaxing.

Another option is Shea Moisture's Coconut & Hibiscus Clay Shampoo Bar ($14.07), a less-pricey, drugstore-found alternative that's just as hydrating for curly hair. Mind Body Green wholeheartedly recommends this one for coarse manes, citing its rhassoul clay component as the perfect way to lift away oil without compromising moisture and shine. It also contains shea butter and coconut oil for all the possible hydration. Neem oil keeps frizz at bay (always a plus) and silk proteins make sure your hair continues to grow strong; hundreds of reviews say this bar is "unique, lathery" and "effective."

The best shampoo bars to stimulate hair growth

A different hair concern altogether, you might not be dealing with dryness, or even breakage: It might be hair loss, instead. While this may have you seriously stressing out lately, we've found shampoo bars that will fortify your strands and promote hair growth at the scalp, too.

First up, Rowse's Perfect Balance Shampoo Bar ($22), a spa-like, decadent option that comes with its own travel-friendly tin case. As per Vanity Fair, this bar is jam-packed with Curcuma extract, which works with antioxidants to get your scalp in tip-top shape. Plus, vitamin-C-rich Amalaki extract makes your mane stronger and shinier, while controlling oil at the scalp. This shampoo bar is a natural antiseptic, making it great for dandruff, and it's moisturizing to boot. Amy Chang explained to Vanity Fair that "the rich penetrating oils, like olive" will "nourish the strands within" and give "amazing shine," while the formula's "phytosterols are thought to help with hair loss, keeping hair full and thick." Score!

Just as effective at a slightly lower price point, Superzero's Thinning Hair Shampoo Bar ($14.40) is a game-changer when it comes to bringing on hair growth. As recommended by Women's Health, this bar is pH-balanced for prime scalp health and strengthens strands through caffeine, hydrating shea butter, and olive extract. Dhairius Thomas told Vanity Fair that this bar's rosemary oil component is a natural growth stimulator, plus "lightweight oils like avocado prevent the hair from being too oily or weighed down."

The best bars for both hair and body

Last but certainly not least, your main concern might be getting rid of all of those plastic bottles lining your shower rack. If you wish you had just one environmentally-friendly, cost-effective product that did it all, hair and body bars can make your dream a reality. We've found the best versatile bars that work wonders from head to toe.

Wildland's The Super Bar ($16) is top-notch, working overtime as a body wash, luxe shampoo, hydrating conditioner, and thick shaving cream all in one cream-colored block. Recommended by Treehugger, the outlet says this is the best quadruple-threat bar you can buy, perfect for anyone who doesn't want to spend much on bathing rituals, or who just loves the idea of a one-and-done approach. As per the brand, the formula is made out of pure, natural, organic ingredients that are completely biodegradable, and is scented with relaxing palo santo, Gotu kola, sage, and bergamot for a soothing, spa-ready experience every morning. If you love a thick lather, this bar is for you.

Another do-it-all alternative, Daughter of the Land's Moon Flower Shampoo Bar ($19) is great for hair and body, handmade with goat milk from a family-owned farm in Ohio. You'll love the fresh olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa and shea butter for moisture, while rosemary oil, tea tree oil, and honey ensure optimal scalp health and zero flakes. Vogue recommends this bar, describing its heavenly rose scent and squeaky-clean feel.