Why Welcome To Plathville Fans Think Moriah And Max Are Over

Since November 2019, Barry and Kim Plath's nine children have been attempting to find their own way in the world on TLC's reality television series "Welcome to Plathville." In the series, the Plath children — Ethan, Hosanna, Micah, Moriah, Lydia, Isaac, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy — begin experiencing a bit of rebellion after living with a strict series of rules, like no sugar and television and only minimal contact with the outside world, in rural Georgia, per Us Weekly. Throughout the second season of "Welcome to Plathville," 19-year-old Moriah Plath went through quite a few changes, which included moving out of the household and into a place that she shares with her brother, Micah Plath, and beginning her very first romance with Max Kallschmidt, according to Screen Rant.

The pair were hot and cold throughout the second season of the show, but their relationship appeared to be stronger than ever in the third season of "Welcome to Plathville." In fact, according to Screen Rant, Max even told certain Plath family members that he planned on marrying Moriah and even gave her a promise ring to illustrate this intent. In the past, Barry and Kim have been awkward with the couple's relationship and affinity for public displays of affection, though they eventually accepted the couple's love for one another. However, many fans have begun to speculate about the status of Max and Moriah's relationship.

Max and Moriah have not posted about their relationship on social media in some time

While no news has been announced regarding the status of Moriah Plath and Max Kallschmidt's relationship, fans have begun to believe that the pair may have called it quits in the past month or so. According to Screen Rant, it has been seven weeks since Moriah has posted a photo of herself and Max together. Fans are coupling this fact with the change in tone of Moriah's posts to perhaps prove that the "Welcome to Plathville" couple has broken up since filming wrapped on the show's third season. "My biggest fear is dying wishing I hadn't given up on my dreams, knowing I didn't try hard enough, and didn't continue chasing them when things got difficult," Moriah captioned one Instagram post. "Never give up on your dreams and passions! And don't ever believe it when others tell you your dreams will always just be dreams, chase after them till they become your reality!"

Screen Rant also reported that Moriah was spotted out and about in Tampa without her promise ring. She was also spotted with the brother of Olivia Plath, the wife of the eldest Plath child, Ethan Plath, though it isn't known if they are an item. However, on Kallschmidt's own Instagram page, he did post a photo with Moriah in early November, detailing a recent ax-throwing date they had together. Perhaps the public won't know the true details about the couple's relationship until  Season 4 of "Welcome to Plathville" airs on TLC.