The Weird Reason Why Guys Always Hold Fish In Dating Apps

Dating is hard, and dating apps are something even harder. Even if you're using the best dating apps of the year, you may run into catfishes, creeps, or people you generally just couldn't see yourself dating. Still, choosing the right dating app for you is the correct first step in beginning the online dating journey. However, bear in mind that you may come across more than a few guys holding fish in their dating app profile pictures if your search settings include men.

What dating apps really do to your love life is a hot topic, but we should be talking more about guys holding fish in their pictures. Naturally, women sometimes pose with fish in photos, too, but the phenomenon is mostly done by men.

The fish photo phenomenon is so vast on dating apps that the internet has dubbed the people that post these photos as being part of Fish Tinder. This section of dating apps is so prolific that TikTok users have begun ranking men's fish-holding photos, too (via InsideHook). Still, the question remains: why do men post photos holding fish in the first place?

Men posting fish photos could be them trying to fit into traditional gender roles

Per The Cut, the main problem isn't that men are holding fish, though vegans may be turned off by this, but rather how prolific they are on dating apps. This phenomenon belongs mostly to heterosexual men, and it may be a display of masculinity to show that these men are interested in traditionally heterosexual acts like fishing (via Greatist).

This isn't the only reason men post these photos, though. The Cut asked men on dating apps why they've chosen to display photos of them holding fish, and their answers vary. One respondent simply said, "I think the fish look really nice." Another said, "By comparison, the fish makes me look better looking." There's one who earnestly said, "Some of us actually have career ambitions to be fishermen." This respondent makes a good point, but the vast majority of men who post these photos likely aren't aiming to be fishermen. 

Western society traditionally deems that men are supposed to fit into a rugged mold in which they're into fishing, hunting, and other "masculine" activities. Therefore, it's not a stretch that men want to appear this way to attract women. Another respondent to The Cut hinted at this when he said, "Our fish pics are the equivalent to your 'drinks with the girlies.'"

So, how do you feel about men holding fish in their dating app photos?