The Ultimate Gift Guide For A Libra

If you've got a special Libra in your life, you likely love them dearly. Libras are make loving, loyal friends, passionate and supportive partners, and nurturing, dedicated parents (via Allure). They care deeply about harmony and balance, so if you've ever had a falling out with your Libra, they undoubtedly did their very best to patch things up with sincerity, fairness, and love. They also make great listeners and always strive to make the world a better, more beautiful place for everyone, but especially for the people they love. 

Where it comes to gift-giving, Libras shine. Perceptive, intelligent, and giving (sometimes to a fault), this air sign loves to give thoughtful, personalized gifts that will truly make the recipient smile. You'll never get something generic from a Libra; they really want you to love, use, and treasure what they give you because it always comes from their hearts (and they have impeccable style). 

So if you're hoping to return the favor this holiday season and wow the beloved Libra in your life, here are some ideas to help make your shopping experience fun and inspired, rather than confusing or stressful.   

Libras love the arts

Where it comes to the arts, Libras love both creating it and enjoying it, says astrologer Alice Sparkly Kat, author of "Postcolonial Astrology", whose astrological insights into art and artists have been presented at major museums like the Brooklyn Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art (via ArtNet). Libras are ruled by Venus, which makes them deeply appreciative of beauty and aesthetics and also deeply invested in relationships with other people. 

As such, they care about the aesthetic quality of fine art, as well as the "heart" or meaning behind it and how that art makes people feel. Similarly, they love performance art because of that connection between people, those human stories that are conveyed beautifully and passionately through music, theater, and poetry. You libra, therefore, likely has a favorite book or author who spoke to their soul most. They likely love watching a dance performance, attending a concert, or dressing up and going to the theater. 

Consider, then, a gift in this realm. You could find a special edition of their favorite book, buy tickets to a concert of their favorite band, take them out to an event at a museum, or bring them to the theater for a night of high class entertainment.  

Libras love aesthetic beauty and fashion

Thanks to that ruling planet of Venus, which governs beauty, romance, love, and money, Libras have famously fabulous fashion sense, which applies to how they dress and style themselves, and how they decorate their homes (via Glamour). Libras care deeply about how they present themselves to the world and how they feel in the styles and fashions they choose. There's always a balance happening between comfort and style (balance is their middle name, remember)? 

If you love a Libra, you've likely noticed their particular style of dressing; while they care more about how an article of clothing makes them look and feel than they do about the price tag, Libras do tend to love higher-end fashion and "the finer things," and they likely have a favorite designer or clothing line that took them years to commit to. 

Their homes are always decorated just so, and you're likely to feel their space perfectly represents exactly who they are when you enter it. This is not accidental; it likely to them a long, long time to choose each and every thing in their houses from the throw blanket on the couch to the placement of candleholders. They also love to entertain others, so if you go to a Libra's home, you're likely to be treated like royalty and attended to with care. 

So, consider taking note of their style and buying them a gift for them to wear or to display in their home that aligns!  

Libras love nature

Because Libras love beauty so much, and because they have warm, caring hearts, they tend to adore nature and want to not only enjoy it, but preserve and protect it. As Elite Daily puts it: Libras "require natural beauty to feel alive." And this is the truth. If you've got a stressed out, overworked Libra on your hands who is constantly doing for others (as they tend to do), one of the best things you can do for them is get them outside, somewhere beautiful.

Libras love the beach, the mountains, vast fields of wildflowers, deep forests — any place where they can let the splendor, power, and beauty of nature wash away everything else. They likely love to take photos of these beautiful places, and probably also have a deep connection to animals. They may even have a cause they care greatly about and donate or volunteer to help with, whether saving the whales or preserving the state parks.

A wonderful gift for a libra would be to take them somewhere beautiful and natural for the day or even for an overnight trip. Unlike other signs, Libras can handle surprises, but they also wouldn't be let down if they knew it was coming! Further, you could consider making a donation to a cause they care about in their name, like adopting a whale or contributing to a coral reef preservation project.

Libras love (and need) self care

As we've mentioned before, Libras care a lot about other people, about the world around them, and about making the world a more beautiful, fair, and overall better place. Because of this, you can often find them in professions that allow them to further this goal or volunteering for a cause they care about. In their personal lives, the expend great amounts of energy trying to make sure everyone they love is comfortable, happy, and not in conflict. 

All of this caretaking can leave Libras depleted, and they can often forget to refill their own cups and turn that loving care inward. That said, when Libras do indulge in self care, they love it and they do it well (via Little Infinite). Whether for them that's a long, luxurious bath with oils, salts, candles, and music or a day at a spa getting a mani, pedi, and a massage, Libras love to luxuriate. 

Help your libra to relax and pamper this stressful, busy holiday season by giving them a basket full of their favorite self-care items (tea, face mask, body scrub, whatever you know they like) or book them a service or two at a spa to help them take the time for themselves they often fail to take.