The Most Iconic Outfits In Queer Eye History

Of all the entertainment superheroes helping everyday people, the absolute only ones we'd take cape advice from are the Fab Five from Netflix's "Queer Eye." Though Tan France is the style expert, all cast members regularly serve up some gorgeous moments of unrivaled fashion prowess. And get them together for a red carpet event? Well, hold down your hair, henny. The magnitude of zhuzh is enough to Brazilian-blowout your locks.

Check out this iconic cumulative look from the 2018 Emmys. Each of the Fab Five created their own spin on a pantsuit with jackets of varying lengths. Karamo Brown opted for a half-sleeve cape-trench hybrid, layered atop a sexy Syrah-colored suit, which complemented France's chic plaid ensemble. Coincidence? We think not. JVN (Jonathan Van Ness) opted for a stunning, all-white peek-a-boo-style suit and small essentials handbag to usher in a pop of color. As you can see, each cast member channeled their own personality while being mindful of their shared color scheme. So what other iconic outfits has "Queer Eye" served up?

JVN inspires viewers to express themselves through fashion with his iconic looks

This is Me. These three little–intensely powerful–words are the perfect introduction to "Queer Eye's" JVN. Jonathan Van Ness is the show's grooming guru. His effervescence makes him as lovable as champagne, but his message is 100 proof truth. JVN's fervent stance on self-love and unabashed self-expression make him both lovable and relatable. He's known for their eclectic yet elegant looks, and his Observer magazine cover is a master class in fashion fierceness.

He commands the cover in an effortless balance of texture and symmetry in an 'own-it-henny' stance and wink of black iridescent shimmer. The long vertical pleats of the skirt create a tall, elevated vibe. However, the substantial boot adds a contrast that forces the viewer's glance to go from the flowy locks all the way down to his feet. The look is an iconic JVN visual statement that doesn't just garner attention, but holds it. It says, "Don't look away. This is me, and I am uniquely fabulous from head to toe." 

Encouraging others to embrace their inner and outer beauty, JVN reminds us in their "Over The Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love" memoir that, "Imperfection is beautiful ... If you've ever been excluded or told you were not enough, know that you are enough and beautifully complete." And this black-on-black sleeveless number is just that — beautifully complete and a pivotal JVN fashion-as-power moment.

Wear all-white to unleash your inner confidence

The cast of "Queer Eye" is known for their glow-ups. Each of the Fab Five helps peel back the layers of their guests' lives and help them be more confident. Just as there are many layers of our lives, well ... so it is with fashion.

Tan France often teaches guests how to layer a look. For example, he might suggest a monochromatic outfit to create a long, seamless visual impact. Far from a work from home look, though, Season 2 included one of the most stunning monochromatic looks yet: an all-white tuxedo.

Season 2 Episode 2 of "Queer Eye" featured William Mahnken and his epic wedding proposal. Do you know how confident you need to be to pull off an all-white outfit during an emotional, potentially stressful situation? Wine spills be damned. A fresh beard trim, and a bit of life-coaching helped put William in the right headspace to own it. And, spoiler alert, she said "yes." Of course, she did!

This handyman inspired fans to rock a French tuck and brimmed hat

The French Tuck. These three little words became an everyday fashion trend thanks to "Queer Eye's" Tan France. According to GQ, the partial tuck — where your shirt is anchored a bit in the front but loose in the back — started trending in 2018, as France embraced it as his go-to tip for looking tall and well-proportioned. "Queer Eye" Season 2, Episode 4 gifted to us one of the show's most memorable tucks and reveal outfits.

Burning Man fanatic Jason Vogelsang — a handyman by trade — scorched his hand-me-down t-shirt vibe and rose like a Phoenix. His reveal was centered around a carefree, yet carefully curated style and his chill hat and relaxed white button-down offered up a crisp look. It transformed this handyman into a confident hunk of handyman-candy who self-lovingly joked, "I got some swanky shoes." The rolled sleeves of the shirt, combined with the French tuck, gave the look a casually cool aura that absolutely radiated outward in Vogelsang's smile and newly found swagger.

From capes and tuxedos to tucks and beyond, the Fab Five will forever be our cumulative style-compass.