You Probably Didn't Know The Rice Cooker In Your Home Can Do This

Kitchen appliances can sometimes seem like they only serve one purpose, but when put to the test, they can actually perform a lot more functions than we give them credit for. Crockpots have plenty of non-food uses, and your food processor can do a lot more too. Even still, your muffin pan can accomplish a lot more than simply making muffins or cupcakes; your imagination is the limit.

The same ideology applies to your handy dandy rice cooker. These appliances cook rice perfectly so it doesn't turn to mush, and they keep it warm for long periods of time, too. Still, when you think about it, a rice cooker is still a, well, cooker; it can handle other foods that we just may not think about putting into it.

According to Organic Authority, a rice cooker works similarly to a steamer, and because of this, it's perfect for steaming vegetables (that you could then have with rice — a double win). Likewise, it can perfectly cook other grains. Quinoa will come out fluffy and tender just like rice. It's even perfect for mac and cheese, they explain, because the pasta can be cooked and the sauce made all in the rice cooker. Still, there are more options. 

Ribs and cheesecake can be prepared in a rice cooker

In addition to rice and other quick recipes like mac and cheese, your rice cooker can prepare perfect hard and soft boiled eggs (via Greatist). It can be hard to tell when eggs are done when boiling them on the stove, so this hack can save a lot of heartache. Moreover, Greatist recommends breaking out the rice cooker next time you want to make soups or chilis. Like a slow cooker, the rice cooker will simmer and cook the ingredients for long periods of time without scorching them.

Desserts and sides are a breeze with the rice cooker too. According to OOLA, rice cookers make delightfully thick cheesecakes simply by pouring batter into its base and cooking on the traditional rice setting. They also explain that making hummus is super quick. All one needs to do is cook the chickpeas in the rice cooker for a half hour and then puree them with their favorite hummus flavoring agents. Greatist even adds that sweet overnight oats can be cooked in this machine so your breakfast is ready and delicious for you in the morning.

Finally, we can't forget about proteins. Organic Authority explains that an entire "roast" chicken can be beautifully cooked in a rice cooker, and Greatist adds that fall-off-the-bone ribs can be cooked in one as well. Virtually any chicken dish can be prepared in a rice cooker as long as one knows what they're doing; your options are endless!

Happy cooking!