What You Don't Know About William Shatner's Ex-Wives

In October 2021, Canadian actor-producer-director William Shatner went where few men have gone before, when he boarded Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin spacecraft. At the age of 90, Shatner became the oldest person to ever go into space, even if it was just for 10 short minutes, according to CBS News. It's especially fitting because Shatner spent his film and TV career exploring space, starring as Captain Kirk in "Star Trek: The Original Series," as well as several spin-offs, per IMDb.


In addition to bringing the iconic captain of the USS Enterprise to life onscreen, Shatner also had a full life off-screen that included several marriages, children, and grandchildren. The actor's love life rivaled that of his fictional counterpart — aka Captain Kirk — the forever playboy in space. But even before the Canadian-born star made it onto the "Star Trek" scene, he found the woman who would go on to become his first wife and make him a father, according to The Sun. That said, she wasn't the only woman he would marry. Here's the truth about Shatner's relationships with his four ex-wives.

William Shatner started a family with his first wife, Gloria Rand

William Shatner met his first wife, Gloria Rand, while on the set of a television play called "Dreams," as Michael Seth Starr detailed in the biography "Shatner." The pair were married from 1956-1969 and had three children: Leslie, Lisabeth, and Melanie, according to Cheat Sheet. After divorcing Rand, Shatner began dating Marcy Rafferty. The two tied the knot in 1973, and were married for over two decades before they divorced in 1996, per Cheat Sheet. Though Rafferty and Shatner didn't have any children together, the actor remained close to his three daughters from his first marriage and is still involved in their lives today. As of this writing, Shatner has five grandchildren.


Speaking to Hollywood Life in 2014, Shatner expressed his appreciation for his growing family. "I have the time now to grab a grandchild and talk, and hug and kiss them and make sure that I'm taking time to be with them and to give them some aspect of the things I've learned," the actor said, via Hollywood Life. "Family life is totally encompassing. I see my daughters every weekend. And we go off on holidays together — everything from skiing to snorkeling."

William Shatner's third wife died unexpectedly

Just a year after his second marriage ended, Shatner found love again and wed Nerine Kidd in 1997, per Cheat Sheet. However, their time together was brief. According to the Los Angeles Times, Shatner returned home one night in August of 1999 and found his wife dead in the swimming pool. An autopsy report confirmed that she had been drinking and that her blood alcohol levels were three times the legal limit if she had been driving. "I fought and fought to save my wife from the serpent of alcoholism — but I failed," Shatner told the National Enquirer at the time (via E! Online). "Nerine would hide bottles of alcohol all around the house where I couldn't find them, and even hide her vodka in  water bottles."


While Shatner admitted the drinking had caused him to file for divorce prior to her death, he and Kidd were still married and living together when the drowning occurred. Shatner told reporters at the time that his late wife meant "everything to me," per E! Online.

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William Shatner marries for the fourth and last time

After the death of his wife, Nerine Kidd, William Shatner remarried for the fourth time, to horse trainer Elizabeth Anderson Martin, according to Cheat Sheet. Though it seemed like this marriage would be one to last, Shatner filed for divorce 18 years later in 2019. People reported that the pair's prenuptial agreement determined that neither one of them would receive spousal support, despite the actor's estimated net worth of $100 million. As Cheat Sheet noted, the reason for the couple's divorce was unclear. It's possible that Shatner intended to patch things up with Martin, as he was spotted wearing his wedding ring for a time. However, he and his ex-wife have since gone their separate ways


As of this writing, Shatner is a single man who appears to be living his best life. In addition to spending time with his grandchildren and staying active on social media, the actor continues to make personal appearances to meet his fans, per Fan Cons. And, of course, he got to go where no 90-year-old man had gone before, when he embarked on his own "Star Trek" journey in 2021.