Hilarious Times Curious Cats Got More Than They Bargained For

In the early days before political rants and Vaguebooking, the technology gods bestowed upon us the gift of the Internet. This precious gift was intended to help us stay in touch with old friends, instantly find information for school research papers and the most sacred above all — receive access to funny cat videos. Though many have misused this precious technological gift with dramatic prayer requests and angry covfefe, we would like to take a moment to remind you of the beauty of the Internet with a list of hilarious videos of curious cats. Behold. 

Cat thug life

This little kitty got major street cred when he knocked over a glass while looking his owner straight in the eye. His actions were so brazen that he became a viral sensation, and has his own page on Know Your Meme. Maybe next time his owner will spring for the Fancy Feast before things get really ugly.



This shocked feline's name is Chocolate, and her rise to internet fame began in 2010, when her owner went looking for advice on what to do about Chocolate's dislocated jaw. Fortunately the kitty was able to get surgery to fix her jaw, and according to her owner she healed up just fine. But her surprised expression had already garnered the attention of Justin Bieber, who posted a parody video on Funny or Die

Cool as a cucumber


One viral trend that made its way around the internet was scaring three or four lives out of cats using a common vegetable. In 2015 people were obsessed with terrifying their cats with cucumbers, and while we don't condone animal abuse, we have to admit that this level of veggie phobia is pretty hilarious. People speculated as to why the cats were so surprised by these seemingly harmless vegetables. There were theories about the cukes closely resembling snakes, but it's more likely they were just startled by random produce appearing near their food dish. The jury is still out on why cats are so afraid of these cylindrical terror fruits, but bless the internet for supplying us with plenty of video footage

Thriller cat


Cats aren't typically known for their dance skills, but that didn't stop people from filming their cats channeling the King of Pop. The original Thriller cat video was posted by a user in Russia, but it inspired others to set their footage of funny cat walks to music for some hysterical Michael Jackson inspired montages.

Furry stalker


This stealthy feline has resonated with introverts everywhere. People seemed to identify with this cat's need for subtle and silent human contact while maintaining a comfortable distance. 

I don't own a cat


There are those who are cat people by choice, and there are those who are graced with the presence of a cat against their will. That's what happened to these people, who were either awakened in the middle of the night by a stray, or joined on their work route by a friendly feline. The cat who was equally surprised in the middle of a raid is our favorite. 

Cat fails


Cats sometimes think they're a lot smoother than they actually are. Fail Army celebrates all things failure in the human world, from people getting pummeled by waves during a selfie session or dance numbers gone terribly wrong. But their cat fail compilation has gathered the best the internet has to offer in the way of curious cats getting more than they bargained for. 

Dogs vs. cats


Dogs are the natural sworn enemy of the cat world. And although there are plenty of scandalous videos of the two species crossing social barriers and becoming best friends, there is plenty more evidence of their historical feud. And while it may seem that the dogs would have the advantage with brut strength and size, these kitties have shown that they have the upper paw in this legendary battle. 

Like a cat out of water


Aside from dogs, the other natural enemy of the cat is water. Some kitties, however, like to literally live on the edge, and when their curiosity gets the better of them they can go splashing to certain doom. We know they'll be fine, but they're not taking any chances. 

Captain Catch Sparrows


Cats have a reputation for being persnickety and generally annoyed by human existence, but some are just big furry tolerant babies. However, some humans take full advantage of the more passive pussy cats by dressing them up in ridiculous outfits. This salty sea captain looks less than amused at his pirate attire, which only makes it that much more hilarious. Never break character Captain Kitty Litter. Never break character. 

Kitty surprise


Cats can be incredibly sweet and cuddly, but for all the times they're jerks, it's nice to have some hysterical video evidence of their more vulnerable side. Share these videos with the masses, and remind the world once again how to use the internet for good.