Here's The Hallmark Holiday Movie You Should Watch If You're A Taurus

Once upon a time in the early part of the 20th century, Hallmark was content to sell greeting cards and wrapping paper, but as Hallmark Corporate's company timeline chronicles, they veered out of their lane and into the holiday movie market about 60 years ago. The very first Hallmark Hall of Fame holiday presentation was fairly highbrow content: the world premiere of Gian Carlo Menotti's opera "Amahl and the Night Visitors." These days, however, the Hallmark Channel's holiday movies are less about breaking new ground and more about bringing warm, fuzzy feelings like the TV equivalent of a pair of cozy slippers.

If you're a Hallmark Channel fan, you've probably watched all of their holiday offerings or you're busily checking off your list as you work your way through the canon. Even if such sentimental stuff really isn't your thing, though, you ought to watch at least one Hallmark holiday movie so you'll know what all the fuss is about. After all, you won't know you like it until you've tried it, Sam-I-Am. Which movie to pick, though? Try letting the stars decide. If you're a Taurus, chances are you're already planning to spend a good chunk of your holiday season cocooning on the couch, wrapped in your favorite blankie and bingeing on comfort fare (both entertainment and Taurus-approved foods). Settle in, turn to the Hallmark Channel, and get set to experience the movie that the heavens have decreed for you!

This flick will appeal to bullheaded Tauruses

Some celestial power –- okay, it's actually just ScreenRant – has declared that the perfect Hallmark holiday movie for Taurus is "Never Kiss a Man in a Christmas Sweater." The title alone will appeal to Taurus' sense of the aesthetic, as all Christmas sweaters tend to be ugly ones and are hardly likely to ignite any sparks of passion. The reason why ScreenRant thinks this movie will appeal, though, is because of the movie's typically Taurean heroine. She is grounded, hard-working, and responsible, but she's tired of being alone. Still, her Taurean desire to be surrounded with noting but beauty and harmony has her troubled by her sweater-wearing house guest — ugh, such a fashion disaster he is! In the end, though, she overcomes her own bull-like stubbornness and gives that ugly sweater wearer a smooch. Hallmark-style happily ever aftering promptly ensues.

Too much sweetness? If this Hallmark movie leaves a bad taste in your mouth (hey, even the stars get things wrong sometimes!), StyleCaster offers a non-Hallmark holiday movie pick. They suggest that the hero of "The Grinch" — the 2000 live action version, that is — has a few relatable Taurus-like attributes of his own, starting with his own bullheadedness. Even so, our great green hero eventually learns to love the fun, feasting, and glorious riot of color that can be found only in Whoville, which is the kind of happily ever after that any Taurus can get behind.