Why Fans Want To See Aaron Clancy And James Bonsall As Co-Bachelors

Nobody expected Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall to be one of the strongest couples on "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 7 – not least because they're not actually a couple. As Cheat Sheet notes, the fan favorites had already gotten close during Katie Thurston's season of "The Bachelorette," and "Bachelor in Paradise" gave them the opportunity for their bromance to truly blossom. Both men were there for each other as they tried to find love elsewhere, but when it didn't work out for either of them, Clancy and Bonsall happily finished the season together.

Of their burgeoning bromance, Bonsall told the "Bachelor Happy Hour" podcast, "He's essentially my neighbor, living down the street. We've just grown super, super close." The reality star added, "That's going to be a friend for life. I see him almost every other day. And Aaron, if you're listening, I appreciate our friendship. I love you, man." "The Bachelorette" alum also pointed out that, technically, they ended that show together too. "We left the same night. Got eliminated at the same rose ceremony on Katie's season," Bonsall noted.

They've continued to post about each other on social media, too. In fact, the duo is so lovable fans reckon they should be co-leads on an upcoming season of "The Bachelor."

The lovable duo were fan favorites on Bachelor in Paradise

As Screen Rant notes, Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall seemed to be more interested in getting closer to each other than any of the ladies on "Bachelor in Paradise." Though they both dated around, neither even came close to getting serious with anybody. As a result, Bachelor Nation is rallying behind the boys to be co-leads on a future season of "The Bachelor." Although the show typically follows one man as he looks for love, the franchise has been running for so long at this stage that a shake-up is sorely needed, and having two simultaneous bachelors might be just the ticket.

After all, Clancy and Bonsall are both single, and they share a fun, natural rapport, so watching an entire season focused on them could be hugely entertaining. One Reddit commenter suggested, "It would be a season full of chaos," while another pointed to "A Double Shot at Love," which is hosted by lifelong BFFs and "Jersey Shore" stars Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino, as an interesting comparison. Naturally, though, they probably won't find love. As one user put it, "James and Aaron will leave the season with each other, after bro-posing to each other." 

Despite the fact they're not romantically involved, fans were adamant that Clancy and Bonsall would leave "Bachelor in Paradise" together, and were ecstatic when their predictions came true. As Meaww reported, Twitter was awash with gushing tributes to them at the time, so a team-up season kind of seems like a no-brainer.