A Cup Of This Type Of Tea Has More Caffeine Than An Espresso Shot

We all have our go-to morning beverage, but switching up your routine could bring you an added jolt of caffeine and health benefits. Yerba mate is a South American beverage that has been used for centuries as a natural pick-me-up and wellness tonic. The tea was originally consumed by the Guaraní people before the Spanish colonization. According to Food & Wine, the traditional ritual of drinking Yerba Mate, which translates to "gourd herb," requires a mate (or dried gourd), a bombilla, (a special straw for drinking that filters out the tea leaves), and of course hot water. To follow the time-honored practice, the tea is then sipped outdoors in a small gathering. Many occasionally practice this ritual today, but you can also find the bitter and earthy tasting tea in convenient tea bags.

With the flavor of tea and the effects of coffee, there's no surprise Yerba Mate is gaining in popularity (via Health Digest). Here are the top benefits of the traditional drink and why it is so adored.

Yerba Mate boosts your energy and health

Groggy mornings call for caffeine, and what you choose for your hot cup will determine how you feel the rest of the day. Roasty Coffee broke down the facts, and according to them, an eight-ounce cup of brewed coffee, on average, contains 85 milligrams of caffeine, while an espresso contains around 60 milligrams per single shot. In comparison, Yerba mate packs up to 85 milligrams of caffeine per cup. It's also important to consider that caffeine strength and taste also depend on how you brew your beverage, i.e., concentration and temperature. The tea lovers at Circle of Drink share, "The caffeine in mate seems to work differently. While several cups of coffee easily cause jitters and crashing effects, mate has the unique dual action of stimulating and soothing, even after several servings." The lack of negative effects could be due to Yerba mate's multiple health benefits, but we will let try this one at home.

Beyond caffeine, Yerba mate offers some tremendous health benefits for your body, and Healthline shared the tea's top qualities, all backed by science. It's rich in antioxidants and nutrients such as saponins, which have anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering properties, and Polyphenols, a large group of antioxidants linked to a reduced risk of many diseases. Mate also boasts nine essential amino acids and nearly every vitamin and mineral your body needs, although only in small amounts. It may also help protect your body against infections from bacteria, parasites, and fungi.