Floribama Shore Season 6 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

"Floribama Shore" debuted on MTV in 2017, but it's already four seasons strong, per IMDb. COVID-19 has understandably brought several productions to a halt, but our country friends have managed to work around it, for the most part, by relocating to different locales each time. 

It's unsurprising that MTV keeps consistently ordering more "Floribama Shore" since, as Nola.com reported, the very first episode "scored the cable network's highest ratings for a new series premiere in more than three years."

Likewise, in 2018, Deadline confirmed that the show was so popular that it was fast becoming the most-watched original cable series in its time slot — before the first season even finished airing. "Floribama Shore" was quickly renewed for a second season, and, the following year, TVLine confirmed that it was coming back for a third. 

At the time, however, there had been uncertainty surrounding the show's future, but, clearly, everything worked out since Season 4 followed just a year later (per IMDb). Even COVID couldn't stop the party.

Although Season 5 (which was technically Season 4 part B) only just wrapped, fans are already clamoring for a sixth. Here's what we can expect from Season 6 of "Floribama Shore."

When is Season 6 of Floribama Shore dropping on MTV?

The finale episode of "Floribama Shore" Season 5 dropped on Dec. 9, 2021, so it's a little early to say whether the show's been renewed once more. However, as CarterMatt notes, this particular episode was marketed as a "season finale" rather than a "series finale," so, unless the show has really bombed in the ratings this year, there's no reason to panic just yet. 

Bleeding Cool acknowledges that the show ended on a high note, too, with the family united and looking forward to Nilsa Prowant's wedding. However, since then, Gus Smyrnios has suggested that all is not well between them. He has frequently claimed that the show is ending thanks to fan attempts to "cancel" him — only to come back for another round regardless. 

Season 3 was confirmed a little over a year after Season 2 finished airing, so it could be a while before an announcement is made. However, Season 3 kicked off just a few months after that initial announcement, so the wait shouldn't be too long once we do know if "Floribama Shore" has been renewed. 

Who can we expect to see on Season 6 of Floribama Shore?

Bleeding Cool points out that Gus Smyrnios has been "feuding" with his "Floribama Shore" castmates on social media for months. He claimed on Twitter not to have been invited to Nilsa Prowant's wedding. 

Likewise, the accident-prone male model also revealed that, after he got into a "bad accident," only Aimee Hall, Kirk Medas, and Codi Butts reached out to him. "Real family we are lol," Smyrnios concluded his drama-stoking message.

The lineup for "Floribama Shore" has remained mostly intact since Season 1 (via MTV), with only Kortni Gilson moving on after Season 3 to deal with her mental health issues, per Screen Rant. As a result, and despite Smyrnios' pontificating, we can expect him, Hall, Medas, Butts, and Prowant to return alongside fellow OG cast members Jeremiah Buoni and Candace Rice. 

As CheatSheet reported, though, there was a new castmate in Season 5. After filming resumed following a COVID scare, Hall introduced her beloved pig, PGP, to the rest of the house. Prowant's dog, Ravioli, also joined the party in Athens, Georgia.

Are there any big changes afoot for Season 6 of Floribama Shore?

Plenty has changed for our "Floribama" faves since the show wrapped. In particular, Nilsa Prowant got married to long-time love and baby daddy Gus Gazda. Per People, the happy couple said "I do" at the Sheraton Panama City Beach Golf and Spa Resort in Panama City Beach, Florida, in November 2021. 

Season 5 finished with Prowant sweetly asking her female co-stars to be her bridesmaids. It's unclear whether Prowant will continue on the show, but she managed to survive in Athens while heavily pregnant, so it's unlikely that being a married mom is going to prevent her from partying with her pals. 

The "Floribama Shore" cast is mostly settled down these days, too, per Screen Rant, with only Jeremiah Buoni and Candace Rice having a tough time finding lasting love. However, everybody being coupled up doesn't affect the show as much as other reality TV stalwarts, where dating around is the aim of the game, but being more responsible could alter the dynamic going forward. 

As for where the roommates might be headed, it remains to be seen, but, with the pandemic still raging, they're likely going to be sequestered in a house once again. Suffice to say, we can't wait to see where "Floribama Shore" takes us next.