The Best Gifts For The Fitness Fanatic In Your Life

While it can be tricky to find the silver lining to all the time we spent in lockdown, a definite pro has been the surge in everyone getting into fitness. What started as simply hopping on to the trend of testing out a Chloe Ting workout video to pass the time, has turned into a fully-fledged fitness lifestyle for many (via Elle). Whether they started to explore the fitness world from the comfort of their own homes or have been living in the gym for years, everyone has that one fitness fanatic friend or family member. 


You know, the one who follows pizza night with a protein shake? The same one that you desperately turn to for advice when you decide to attempt to navigate the labyrinth that is the gym? The best thing about having a fit and active friend or relative is that you know exactly where to start looking when Christmas comes around. The one tricky part is diving into the fitness world with countless new releases and products that you have no clue where to start with. Well, we've put together a round-up of the best gifts for your fitness fanatic, filled with new and staple items that are sure to already be on their wishlist.

For the tracking-obsessed

If your chosen fitness-fanatic is as obsessed as we think, there's a chance they have a constant urge to measure their progress in any way possible. Enter, fitness watches. Whether you choose to opt for a Fitbit or an Apple Watch, this is guaranteed to be the best wow-gift to give your fitness obsessed friend, according to Harper's Bazaar


Does your friend already have one they swear by? Use this Christmas to upgrade them, and get the latest release so that they can really track every tiny step they take — they live for it!

For the gym-resident

Any true fitness-fanatic that spends endless hours in the gym is guaranteed to have an arsenal of pre-workout supplements to help get them pumped. Some choose to sip on a canned energy drink, some dry-scoop their powder, and some even take pre-workout gummies. Get your fit friend a fun yummy pre-workout that they've likely seen their favorite fitness influencer swearing by: Alani Nu


Whether you choose to go for their Pre-Workout Supplement Powder ($39.99) or even a pack of their Sugar-Free Energy Drinks ($29.99) , you're guaranteed to find a fun and special flavor from Alani Nu that is guaranteed to become their new favorite (via Country Living).

For the always-in-pain

Sure, all that time spent working out has some serious payoff with amazing results. But, what people don't realize is just how taxing on the body it can get. You're likely to have heard fitness fanatics rave on about the importance of stretching and massaging the muscles to help them recover. You've probably also heard them lust after just about anything from Therabody's range of percussive recovery devices (via Digital Spy).


Getting just about anything from Therabody is guaranteed to impress your fitness-friend, but Self especially recommend the Theragun Mini ($199) which is the ideal on-the-go, easy to take with you massager. 

For the trendy-trainer

Being a fitness fanatic isn't all about lifting heavy weights and essentially moving into a gym part-time. Some people love to explore their fitness through yoga, or pilates, or with easy-to-follow home workout videos. Well, for your yogi friend, the Bala Bangles ($49) have and will always be the perfect gift (via Women's Health).


These weighted strap-on bangles not only help intensify your workout, but they look so damn cute while doing it (via Byrdie). Get a pair in any color for your fitness queen that wants to look stylish while getting a sweat on. 

For the multi-purpose-lover

Lugging an entire kit of everything you need to get through a workout to the gym day in and day out can get exhausting. Sure, some gyms offer lockers, but sometimes you just need to many things on hand and it can get annoying carrying them around as you move from machine to machine. The Mobot Big Bertha Foam Roller Water Bottle ($60) is going to make your gym-friend's life so much easier (via Self).


Help them kill two birds with one stone, by turning their trusty water bottle into a tool they can also use to foam roll their tired muscles after every workout!