Throw Your Dog Bedding Away Immediately If You Notice This

It can take forever to pick the right bedding and bed for your pooch, and once the choice has been made it's a major relief. However, like many things you buy for your dog, these items won't last forever. As your pup roams and explores, they can pick up various things on their fur (via Pet Coach) which can transfer straight to the things they use the most, such as their bowls, toys, and their beds and blankets.

Obviously, a simple sight or sniff test will tell you when something needs to be cleaned, but even after a spin through the washing machine, something like a fluffy bed or bedding can still have hidden nasties burrowed within. According to Pet MD, tiny bugs called dust mites can accumulate in the fibers, which in turn can trigger allergy symptoms. 

But how do you spot these pesky critters, and when should you throw the bed or bedding out altogether?

You should wash your dog's bedding once every week

According to Pet Coach, when you spot tears or "any other damages" that can't be fixed you should replace it immediately. This is due to the "dirt, bacteria, allergens, and sometimes pests" that dogs can bring in with them after spending time outdoors. No matter how much you wash it, even the tiniest of rips can store things that you won't be able to clean.

To make sure you're not buying a new bed every couple of months, Dr. John Gordon, a veterinary dermatologist with MedVet in Columbus, Ohio recommended to Pet MD that you should plan on buying a new pet bed every year regardless. You should also aim to buy one that can be "easily cleaned." 

Per Casper, it is also recommended that you should wash the chosen dog bed and its covers every week or a minimum of once every two weeks. Some other top tips include placing the bed and bedding in direct sunlight to help kill off bacteria, and washing your dog bed with a simple mix of apple cider vinegar and water to kill off any fleas.