Rihanna's Strawberry Blond Look That Fans Envy

Rihanna has experimented with every hairstyle in the world, and has looked flawless with each one. Her 2007 pixie cut during her "Good Girl Gone Bad" era (via Billboard) had fans rushing to chop off their locks and, unsurprisingly, landed her at the top of many best-dressed lists. ET praised the aesthetics for Rihanna's "Umbrella" music video, where she debuted her iconic bob. The "Diamonds" singer revived her cropped cut in 2021 minus her bangs, per Allure, and this time it got even shorter.

Rihanna is a multi-faceted visionary, and has changed the music, fashion and beauty industry with her creative prowess. The nine-time-Grammy-winning singer (via Recording Academy) regularly shows the diversity of Black hair with every cut or style she rocks on the red carpet. She's worn her hair natural, pin straight, curly, and with baby bangs (via Harper's Bazaar). But one of her most popular looks was her gorgeous strawberry blond curls at the 2012 Grammys Awards (pictured above).

Get Rihanna's strawberry blond hair

Out of Rihanna's many blond looks (via Hype Hair), her glam strawberry blond locks are a fan favorite. Achieving this style is simple, but it's important to pay attention to which colors match your skin tone. Harper's Bazaar warns that you also need to be mindful of how much red you're pouring. It's better to mix in the golden blond tone after you've already put in the copper tone.

According to hair blog Hair Cuttery, the end results of your dye job may differ depending on if you have virgin hair or if it has been colored before. Toyomi Ishikura, colorist for SHRD Hair Care at Kim Vo salon, told Byrdie that maintenance is relatively easy and that a touchup roughly every six to eight weeks will keep your color looking fresh. To complement your new look, Ishikura recommends wearing lighter shades including brown, beige, and pink.