How The Dec. 18 Full Moon Will Affect You If You're A Cancer

Everyone gets things wrong about Cancers, but one thing that can't be overstated or misunderstood is how deeply they feel their emotions. Cancers are sensitive and find comfort in other people, as well as their life obsessions (via Co—Star). Because of this, they can be seen as clingy, but other signs must also know that Cancers need their space, too. Because they're so emotional, Cancers are easily exhausted, meaning they need time to mentally recuperate after spending a lot of time doing extroverted activities.

What your zodiac's element means is really important, and Cancer is a shining example of this. Like Scorpio and Pisces, Cancer is a water sign. This means that they're fluid in life, hence their strong, fluctuating emotions. Some Cancers may deem this to be one of their most negative traits, but they also have to understand that their emotions are their superpowers. Others don't feel as strongly as them, which also means they pick up on things that others don't. Because of this, they're able to make stronger friendships and relationships than other signs. They may get exhausted easily, but they always have people in their corner.

This is all especially true for Cancers during a full moon. When the moon is in flux (via Reader's Digest), it strengthens our emotions, so Cancers will face particular struggles on December 18.

This full moon will be therapeutic for Cancers

During the December 18 full moon this year, Cancer's self-care routine will be more important than ever. According to Reader's Digest, full moons typically make Cancers even more emotional than they already are. For a sign that experiences emotions as deeply as they do, this can prove harmful if they're not prepared for it.

Moreover, Vogue notes that Cancers will face particular issues, not just general emotional overload. Their pasts will arise in combative ways, making them face these ghosts whether they want to or not. Furthermore, any emotional baggage that has been lingering over the last few months will finally fully come to the surface; Cancers won't be able to run anymore and will instead have to decide how they want to handle it so that they can leave December 18 refreshed and starting anew. After all, the new year isn't far off, and it can't hurt to start a new year fresh.

Cancers shouldn't worry, though. While their emotions will be stronger, Vogue adds that they'll undoubtedly come out of the full moon on top with their emotional baggage dealt with. It will be a time of therapy and renaissance, so Cancers may simply want to not make plans for the day. Instead, they should set the time aside to focus on their overall health and their relationships. Rest can wait a day this time around.