Say Yes To The Dress Season 21 - Details We Know So Far

There are some shows that come around and totally upheave the culture around them. "Say Yes To The Dress" is one of those shows. The TLC hit series first debuted in 2007 with a simple premise, to follow brides-to-be in their search for the perfect dress at Kleinfeld's in New York City (via IMDb). 

Over 20 seasons, we've learned the business of finding the right dress and getting married is more complicated and emotional than one could have ever imagined. Brides struggle to meet their own expectations and sometimes those of their family members as well. There are big budgets and big stakes. Everyone's after the same goal, but getting there is a unique adventure with each and every future spouse who walks in the door.

TLC fans who have been along for the whole ride are eagerly awaiting a new season of "Say Yes To The Dress." When it comes to Season 21 of the wedding reality series, here's what we know.

When will Season 21 of "Say Yes To The Dress" premiere?

If you're waiting for Season 21 of "Say Yes To The Dress," you're not alone. Fans of the wedding series love to see story after story of a bride looking for her perfect dress. The 20th season of the show debuted in July 2021, according to IMDb, and it was different than other seasons of the beloved show. Season 20 showed Kleinfeld's continuing to navigate a partially virtual experience to protect the health and safety of their customers.

"This season, the brides arrive with a renewed energy and fresh set of challenges like a blind bride trying to find her perfect silhouette, a throuple with two brides sharing a budget, and a virtual bride having second thoughts on her pandemic purchase," the synopsis reads (via PopCulture). "But some familiar challenges like last minute shopping, over-the-top requests, outspoken entourages, and one very picky former dance mom still test the team. And in a special episode, Randy's former on-set assistant gives us a peek behind the curtain as she searches for her own wedding dress."

Season 21 has yet to be announced, but many believe it will be the return of in-person consultations and a new era at Kleinfeld's.

Who will be part of the cast of Season 21 of "Say Yes To The Dress"?

Since Season 21 of "Say Yes To The Dress" has yet to be confirmed, it's unclear when exactly it will premiere. What we do know is that the last few seasons of the series have filmed in the first half of the year and then air in the early to mid-summer (via Premiere Date News).

If that's the case, there should be filming in the early part of 2022, with a July 2022 premiere date. However, a season airing during the winter is not unheard of. The last time we got new episodes of "Say Yes To The Dress" in January was with Season 17 in 2019. There have also been a number of earlier seasons that premiered in March. Presumably, the show's production got disrupted by the pandemic, as so many others did. As a result, they're still finding their new groove.

Expect to see the same faces you've come to love at Kleinfeld's if and when a new season comes around. The application for new brides to appear on the show remains live, so that's a good indicator there are more episodes are to come.

Are there any new details about Season 21 of "Say Yes To The Dress"?

If you need more of your "Say Yes To The Dress" fix, there's always more for you to enjoy on Discovery+. Not only can you watch all the episodes of the original series there, but you can also check out the show's international spin-offs.

Today, there are versions of "Say Yes To The Dress" based in the UK, Australia, and Canada (via The Knot). There are also spin-offs centered around particular provinces or cities, such as Lancashire, Atlanta, and Vegas. Altogether, there are 13 "Say Yes" spin-offs available to stream, according to Discovery+

Most recently, Discovery+ has announced "Say Yes To The Dress: India" (via FilmiBeat). Fans are excited to learn more about the process of wedding preparation in India, where there are beautiful, colorful, and ornate gowns for the occasion. It will definitely help to keep fans busy until a new season of "Say Yes To The Dress" premieres.