The Ultimate Gift Guide For A Cancer

If you are fortunate enough to have a Cancer in your life, you already know their loyal, loving, intelligent natures make your world a better place (via Allure). This water sign, born between June 21 and July 22, is highly intuitive, and represented by the crab, they are adept at navigating both the physical world (land) and the emotional world (water). Also like the crab, you might have to get through a serious protective shell before you reach the tender inside of a Cancer, but once you're one of the chosen people to reach that place, they will be loving, loyal, and protective of you all your lives. 

Cancers make caring friends, partners, and parents, and they can always be counted upon to show up when there are needed. If you are hoping to repay the loyalty and love of a special Cancer in your life during this gift-giving season, we have some great ideas for you!  

Cancers love a cozy home

Cancers are ruled by the moon, making them naturally inclined toward nurturing and toward creating a warm, safe, comfortable hearth and home (via Zodiac Fire). They are homebodies in that there is little they love more than cozying up with a good book by the fire in their very personal space with the people they love the very most. Their homes are their personal sanctuaries, and they take great care and effort into perfecting it and taking care of it.

Gifting your Cancer something that will help them create a cozy environment for self-care will be deeply appreciated. If you know their style well, you could pick out something for them, or you could take them on a shopping trip to their favorite home decor shops so they can pick out the perfect new throw blanket or a candle lantern that accents their mantle just so. 

If you live with them and you know there's a home improvement project they've long dreamt of, you could endeavor to take care of the project. Maybe it's painting kitchen cabinets a fresh new white or putting new shutters on the windows. Help them make their vision for the perfect, cozy sanctuary a reality.  

Cancers appreciate good food

One surefire way to a Cancer's heart is through their stomach. In fact, each zodiac sign is associated with certain parts of the body, and Cancers rule the heart and the stomach, both (via Elite Daily). They tend to love to cook or bake, and they like showing love through making food for the people they love. They like to entertain in their own homes and shower their loved ones with homemade delectables to nourish both body and soul. Giving them some lovely tools or cookbooks would be thoughtful. 

Also, because Cancers love to show love this way, they also love to receive it the same way. Cooking your Cancer a delicious homemade meal of their favorite foods will warm their heart, and if you know they have a favorite restaurant, take them out for a wonderful meal. Inviting them over to your home and doing for them what they so often and readily do for others will be deeply appreciated by these sensitive, heart-centered crabs.  

Cancers love nature

As much as Cancers love staying home, they also feel very at home in nature (via Your Tango). This water sign is highly sensitive, and therefore finds a lot of peace in nature that they have trouble finding around a bunch of people out in the world. A Cancer is at their happiest toiling in the garden, reading on a beach, or walking through the woods. They also tend to love animals, and it is uncommon for a Cancer not to have a beloved pet. They have a very protective, loyal attitude toward nature and animals, just as they do toward the most precious people in their lives. 

If your Cancer loves to garden, some fresh new tools or a book about starting seeds indoors in winter might be appreciated. If your Cancer has a beloved pet, consider getting something special for the pet or for pet and human to do together. You would also make a Cancer's day by making a donation to a preservation trust or other charity or organization that protects nature and animals. For instance, adopting a whale in their name or buying an annual membership to a local preservation society.  

Cancers love creativity and art

Cancers, because they navigate so well between the tangible and emotional worlds, tend to be art lovers (via Stylecaster). They know what are speaks to them and are likely to have favorite painters, photographers, film directors, and authors. They may even have a creative streak themselves and find peace in making art of their own. 

Cancers tend to be quite cultured for these reasons, and you can make them seriously happy by taking them to a museum or a new exhibition at a local university. Buying them a beautiful coffee table book of their favorite photographer's work would cater to both their love of art and their need to create a cozy, personal living space. Perhaps there is a special edition of their favorite book coming out or a newly released documentary about their favorite writer. These would all make great gift ideas for your art-loving Cancer.