The Luxury Brand Highlighter Martha Stewart Swears By

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Martha Stewart is a household name, and she has worked hard to get where she is in life. This television personality probably had no idea that her catering company that started in her basement would revolutionize lifestyle as a sought-after brand. The Editor-in-Chief of Martha Stewart Living could mislead you about her actual age from her radiant complexion, telling WSJ, "I don't pay any attention to age at all...I have a very strong constitution, and I just don't think about it." It looks like it's mind over matter for this mogul, but we will take her skincare and beauty tips. 

It seems Stewart is quite disciplined when it comes to skincare because she never goes to sleep with her makeup on, and she uses Clé de Peau Beauté's hydrating cream. This iconic author never skips her morning and night routine and is obsessed with serums. She told Allure, "I'm a believer in slathering!" and though she has a set of favorite go-tos, she is not shy to try new products. When it comes to makeup, she prefers to keep it natural yet sophisticated. Longtime friend and makeup artist Daisy Toye has been helping this cookbook author with her signature look for years using a mix of drugstore and prestige makeup products

It seems this highlighter is a staple among her makeup products, and why wouldn't it be? A few drops, and you are ready to take on the world.

Martha Stewart's universally-flattering luxury highlighter is waterproof and sweat-proof

According to Martha Stewart's website, makeup artist Daisy Toye likes to use Dior Backstage Face & Body Glow along the high points of this business tycoon's cheeks to highlight her features. Toye also blends a few drops of the miracle highlighter on Stewart's legs to show them off. Toye told Into The Gloss, "I tend to stick to premium, luxury lines when working on mature skin," so there you have it. 

If you want your face (and your body) to glow like Martha Stewart, you need to get your hands on the Dior liquid highlighter because it flatters all skin tones. Other makeup artists like Nikki Wolff also loves this luxury brand highlighter. Wolff told Cosmopolitan, "I'm a big fan of Dior's Backstage Face & Body as it has a very natural skin-like finish."

You can get your own bottle for $38 for 1.6 oz. from Dior, but beware — this best-selling highlighter tends to sell out fast. The universally flattering must-have is a favorite makeup product because it makes you glowy and not too sparkly (via Allure). Packed with "fine pearlescent pigments," the glow potion was chosen among the best body highlighters of 2021 since it can also cover skin imperfections (via PopSugar). 

Whether it is her daily habit of green juice, good genes, daily activity, or dedicated skincare routine (via Prevention), this mogul looks fantastic. And we'll have whatever she's having.