The Bold And The Beautiful Holiday Episodes Fans Couldn't Get Enough Of

For veteran soap opera fans and newbies alike, there is a lot to love about CBS's lasting hit "The Bold and the Beautiful." The show has been drawing people in with the dramatic fashion choices of the Forrester family and pivotal plot lines since 1987, per With roughly 300 million loyal viewers spanning the globe, there is little wonder why the show has found a staying power in pop culture that few soaps rival. And while there are plenty episodes for fans to return to for comfort and a bit of conflict, the holiday episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful" are some of its most popular; especially in the months of November through January. 

More than 40 years since its premiere, "The Bold and the Beautiful is one of just four daytime soaps still airing daily. Along with "The Young and the Reckless," "Days of Our Lives," and "General Hospital," "B&B" has remained strong even as cultural tides turned. The show is the brainchild of Bill and Lee Phillip Bell, and has explored familial drama surrounding the holidays many times since the '80s. 

Like any family, "The Bold and the Beautiful's" Forresters have more than their fair share of drama around the holidays; but they have plenty of touching moments too. In the seasons following the death of popular character Stephanie, the holidays have offered friends and family members and opportunity to mourn and celebrate her; and these episodes make for great TV. 

The Bold and the Beautiful holiday episodes

In 2012's Christmas episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," the Forresters and their friends work through grief over Stephanie's death and aim to keep her traditions alive, per TV Source. Christmas at the Forrester Mansion this year is jam-packed with surprises and strong emotions. When the gang discovers that Eric is missing, they track him to a Celtic Women concert in commemoration of Stephanie. Everyone local decides to join him; while in Bel-Air, Bill, Katie and Will celebrate their first Christmas as a family.

Brooke and Eric melted hearts in 2015's episode when they banded together to make the holiday special. After numerous people canceled on Brooke for the special day, Eric asked her to join him and his family, per CBS. "You're coming with me," he told her. "You're my family." After an eventful day, the Forresters, Spencers, and Logans put aside their differences to participate in the yearly tradition of gathering around the piano to sing carols. 

2020 found the family once again reminiscing over the years when Stephanie was there to celebrate with them. When friends, families, and enemies alike head to the Forrester mansion to ring in the Christmas holiday, Brooke gives the family a touching surprise in the form of a painting of Stephanie that brings ears to eyes and memories to minds (per Soap Hub).

There endless options for "B&B" rewatches; but if you're looking for some extra holiday cheer, these episodes might do it.