The Real Reason You Get Breakouts In Your Armpit

When you think of your own armpits, you probably are mostly concerned with keeping them clean and making sure they don't smell. And that's totally understandable, given the fact that for most people, the armpits are usually the habitation of odor-creating bacteria, which can proliferate if proper attention is not given to one's hygiene and grooming.

But bad smells are not the only worrisome things associated with the armpits. Sometimes, breakouts that resemble pimples, can cause minor or serious discomfort there. According to Dr. Marguerite Germain, a dermatologist based in South Carolina, "Typically, 'pimples' in the armpit or underarm are not actually acne," via Byrdie. On the contrary, these acne-like blemishes are different and can be caused by a number of things, ranging from lifestyle routines to fashion choices.

Keep reading to find out why you're getting breakouts in either or both of your armpits — and how to treat them and prevent them.

How you shave your armpit can cause breakouts

One big reason why you may experience armpit breakouts is a condition known medically as folliculitis. This occurs when your hair follicles become infected or inflamed as a result of your pores opening up, as they tend to do when you shave, per Byrdie. While this is something that can affect anyone, people who are already prone to infections are at a higher risk of getting it.

One way to prevent folliculitis is to make sure that when you shave, you do so with precise strokes upwards, downwards and sideways, while ensuring to not over-do it because going over the same spot repeatedly with your razor could be an invitation to irritation and breakouts, per Byrdie.

Some other times, breakouts in your armpit could just be down to the outfits you wear and other stuff that comes in contact with your skin. Medically, this condition is known as contact dermatitis, which essentially refers to the way your skin reacts to certain things that it is allergic to. It could be some type of fabric, a particular type of deodorant, a different brand of razor, shaving gel, etc. Also, avoid using blunt blades while shaving.

To cure armpit breakouts, try antibacterial soaps, but first consult your dermatologist, per Medical News Today. A warm compress can also be great. Also as important, ensure to never dry shave your armpits as this can cause ingrown hairs, per Byrdie.