Ivanka Trump Has Harsh Words For The Biden Administration After This Report

While her father occupied the White House, Ivanka Trump was a prominent presence. As an adviser, she had Donald Trump's ear and back; during his re-election bid, she stood by his side on the campaign trail. But once the election results were certified and Joe Biden was sworn in as the new president, she wasted no time in carving out a new life for herself. She and husband Jared Kushner moved their family to Florida, where Trump has been maintaining a low profile. At the moment, the Kushners are living in a Miami condo, but eventually they'll be moving to a mansion on a private island, per CNN. They are reportedly keeping their distance from the former president and his continued insistence that the election was somehow rigged against him.

Whereas her brother Donald Trump Jr. is a constant presence on social media, Ivanka hasn't posted anything to her accounts since May, when she posted a photo of herself getting the COVID vaccine. But she recently made her voice heard (through a spokesperson) when Congress published a report that criticized a relief program with which she was involved.

The Farmers to Families Food Box program was created by the USDA in April 2020. Farmers and distributors were contracted to put together fresh meat, dairy and produce packages to be distributed to food-insecure families hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic (via Harvard Law). The program's mission seemed noble enough; however, a new report from Congress tells a different story.

Congress found serious flaws in the Farmers to Families program

The Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis's year-end report found "critical failures" in the Farmers to Families program. They claimed that the contractors working with the farmers "failed to provide timely deliveries, delivered food in unsafe packaging, and pressured recipients to accept more food than they could reasonably distribute or store," resulting in a waste of taxpayer money. In addition, the committee asserted that Trump himself used the program for his own benefit in the weeks before the election by putting a letter in the boxes claiming credit for the food.

In response, Ivanka Trump issued a statement to the Daily Mail through a spokesperson: "It's unfortunate, yet hardly surprising to see the media work hand in hand with congressional Democrats in a desperate and transparent effort to distract from the staggering incompetence of the current administration." Trump was a strong supporter of the program, even helping to distribute the boxes to food pantries nationwide herself.

The spokesperson added that two prominent Democratic members of Congress supported the Farmers to Families program when it was first launched. "This was a wildly successful program that fed tens of millions of hungry people and kept small American farms afloat through the worst lows of the pandemic," Trump's spokesperson said.

President Biden ended the program in May 2021, but a similar food distribution program involving dairy farmers will take its place, per AgWeb.