The Most Bizarre Plotlines On Days Of Our Lives

"Days of Our Lives" fans definitely have their favorite storylines of years past. Of course, some plots have been more memorable than others — some because they were dramatic and emotional and others simply because they were so crazy that you'll never forget watching them unfold (via

Over the years, "DOOL" has pumped out hundreds of plot lines that have had fans glued to their television sets. Of course, others have had viewers scratching their heads, or even laughing about the unbelievable nature of the stories. Plots such as alien twins from space who turned out to be Roman and Kate's children Rex and Cassie Brady, Hope being brainwashed to believe that she's Princess Gina, and all of John Black's many identities and professions have often left fans confused.

Of course, there are some "Days of Our Lives" storylines that rank so high on the bizarre scale that even longtime viewers were confused about where the story was going.

Sami disguises herself as a man named Stan

Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) is one of "Days of our Lives" fans' most favorite characters. Viewers love to root for Sami and watch her triumph through adversity. Of course, she brings on most of her problems herself with her wild schemes and over-the-top ideas. According to, Sami wanted to prove that Lucas and Kate set her up so she decided to disguise herself as a man named Stan. Actor Dan Wells took over the role of Sami/Stan, which even saw the character appearing in Iraq to help save Philip Kiriakis during his time in the army.

Eventually, Kate found out Sami's secret and outed her as Stan during a funny, yet dramatic reveal. Years later, the show revisited the Stan plot for a second time. The storyline has since become one of the most wacky and wild that "DOOL" has ever done.

Serial killer victims are revealed to be alive on Melaswen Island

"Days of Our Lives" scored big with the Salem Stalker storyline. The NBC soap opera began to kill off beloved characters such as Maggie Horton, Alice Horton, Roman Brady, Caroline Brady, and many others much to the shock of fans (via Fame 10). However, things weren't as they appeared. After it was revealed that Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) was the serial killer that had axed multiple characters, it was also revealed to be a set up by none other than "DOOL" villain Stefano DiMera.

Marlena later learned that she hadn't killed anyone, but that all of her so-called victims were taken to a place called "Melaswen Island," or "New Salem," where they were living in a tropical paradise set up like their beloved town. While fans were glad to see that some of their favorite characters were alive and well, it was a bit of a let down to know that all the juicy serial killer drama was a farce.

Steve Johnson becomes Stefano DiMera

After the death of actor Joseph Mascalo and his iconic character Stefano DiMera, "Days of Our Lives" decided to keep the spirit of the character alive (via The soap devised a plot that saw Steve Johnson (Stephen Nichols) kidnapped and implanted with a chip that contained Stefano's memories and personality. Stefano's essence then lived on inside of Steve, who immediately began to think, talk, and act like the late Stefano thanks to the DiMera's evil genius Dr. Rolf.

Hope's brainwashed alter-ego, Princess Gina, also made multiple appearances during the storyline as the two tried to figure out how to break up Marlena and the love of her life, John Black. During his time as "Stevano," the character kidnapped Marlena and brainwashed her into believing she was in love with him. Of course, she was later saved and safely returned to John's arms. Thankfully, since then the soap has kept the character of Stefano buried.

The dead return to Salem

"Days of Our Lives" has become known for bringing characters back from the dead. Many of the show's most beloved characters have been thought to be dead over the years. Yet, they always seem to return home to shock their loved ones. Following the storyline of the Necktie Killer (which turned out to be Ben Weston), it was revealed that one of his victims, Will Horton, had been brought back from the dead and was living without his memories, per It was discovered that Will was resurrected by a serum created by Dr. Rolf.

Later, that serum was also used to bring back many other characters from their graves. Salem fixtures such as EJ DiMera, Tony DiMera, Vivian Alamain, and Jack Deveraux were all revealed to be alive thanks to the miracle serum. Although it was a wild plot line, some fans were more than happy to see these familiar faces return to the soap.

Marlena's possession ends with a wild exorcism

In the early '90s, "Days of Our Lives" stunned fans with a storyline that saw Marlena Evans being possessed by the devil, per Fame 10. The character began to act strangely, and could even do things such as levitate. The plot was one of the most memorable that the NBC soap opera had ever done, and when it was finally time to end it, Marlena needed to be saved through exorcism.

After months, it was John Black, a priest at the time, who discovered that Marlena was exhibiting signs of possession. John worked hard to find a way to help Marlena, and even performed an exorcism that ultimately saved her life. John later ended his stint as a priest and he and Marlena resumed their former romance. "DOOL" revisited the possession storyline again in 2021, when Marlena was again taken over by the devil.

Although the soap has had its share of wacky moments, fans still can't get enough of their favorite characters and the drama that follows them.