Who Is Rosanna's First Date On Return To Amish?

Much of the cast of TLC's "Return To Amish" is comprised of old favorites from the original series, "Breaking Amish," a show that chronicles the lives of young Amish adults trying out everyday life in New York and ultimately deciding whether or not to stay in the Amish faith (via TLC). Season 6 of "Return To Amish" introduced some additional cast members questioning their faith, and one of those cast members is Rosanna Miller. Miller, who is a cousin of "Breaking Amish" cast member Rebecca Schmucker, was just 18 years old at the time of filming (via Distractify).

Fans watched as Miller immersed herself in the "English" world, doing things like trying sushi, flying on an airplane, and even going on a mini-golf date with a non-Amish man (via Screenrant). The pair went mini-golfing on their date after meeting at a trampoline park, according to Reality Tidbit, and viewers thought they may have seen some sparks fly as the pair played mini-golf together. Rosanna had never before played the game, but her date was quick to help her learn. The episode had fans wondering if Rosanna had found love. So, who is the mini-golf man, and where does he stand with Rosanna now?

Rosanna had high hopes for her first date

During season 6 of "Return to Amish," Rosanna Miller had been wanting to go on her first date. She got her wish as she accompanied a man named Nick on a date to a mini-golf course. Nick, who was brought to the trampoline park where the pair met by a man who was there to see her friend Claudia (via TV Shows Ace), had Miller feeling excited about him as a prospect. The two shared flirty exchanges throughout the date, with Nick mentioning his competitive streak but ultimately letting the reality TV star win the game (via Reality Tidbit). After their date, Miller revealed that she didn't feel a connection with Nick, but that wasn't the end of her love life.

Just before the episode aired, Miller announced on social media that she was in a relationship. It didn't take fans long to figure out that she wasn't in a relationship with Nick. Her current boyfriend is also reportedly a former member of the Amish faith, according to Stars Offline, named Johnny Detweiler. In July of 2021, Miller confirmed that she was expecting a child with Detweiler in the comment section of an Instagram post. One of her followers wrote, "news sources say you're pregnant, is that true??" to which Miller replied, "yeah it is true" (via TV Shows Ace). The couple has been quiet about the new addition to their family since, but Miller has reportedly moved back in with her Amish family. The pair appears to be happy but has not yet shared a due date.