What It Really Means When You Dream About Floating

Whatever happens in life can quietly creep into your subconscious, which often presents itself in the weirdest of ways through dreaming. One common occurrence that many dreamers experience is floating. Unlike flying, floating can connote a lack of control according to website Dreaming and Sleeping. Just imagine flying like Superman compared to the buoyancy of floating in a swimming pool.


But what do these dreams actually mean? Every dream has a purpose, and dreaming of floating is no different. According to Exemplore, dreaming of floating is more often than not linked to positive outcomes. This is because these sorts of dreams symbolize "independence, freedom, acceptance, happiness, satisfaction, and success." The site also notes that floating isn't just necessarily linked to water — you can be floating "in the air, over your bed, over water," or even into space.

However, just because there are positives to dreaming of floating, that doesn't mean there aren't negative connotations.

Dreaming about floating can say a lot about you, whether good or bad

Starting with the most morbid of situations, some may dream of a dead body floating in their dream according to Aunty Flo. This experience can be "associated with difficult times ahead" according to the site, as can uncontrollable floating which may suggest that you "need to slow down in waking life."


If the waves are turbulent, Exemplore suggests that "you may be struggling with an issue" at hand or there may be "trying times ahead." And if someone you love is floating away from you, your connection with said person "may be weakening."

However, on the more positive side, if you see yourself floating in a relaxing place like a swimming pool, this is a good sign according to Aunty Flo. This can mean "times are good," and show that you have "a great desire for independence." It can also be a sign to realize "that you need to understand what ties you down in life."

Dreams of floating in general can also be a precursor that you will "viciously overcome some difficult obstacles which are seemingly overwhelming you in life," whether good or bad.