Throw Your Makeup Brushes Away Immediately If You Notice This

Makeup brushes are beneficial for every step of your makeup routine, from eyeshadow application to blush blending and everything in between. Most people like to hang onto their makeup brushes over the years either from sentimentality or a restricted budget, which is totally fine if the brushes are washed regularly. The dirty truth about makeup brushes, though, is that they can harbor fungi and bacteria, plus they can cause breakouts and pink eye, if they aren't cleaned properly.

Dermatologists recommend thoroughly washing your concealer and foundation brushes at least once a week, every week, to prevent harmful bacteria from accumulating in the bristles, as noted by Allure. Eyeshadow brushes can be cleaned less often, according to famed makeup artist Bobbi Brown. "Brushes that are used around the eyes should be cleaned at least twice a month," Brown revealed to the outlet. 

To do this, start by wetting the makeup brush before applying a gentle cleanser or soap to the bristles. Swirl the brushes through the cleanser, then run them under warm water to rinse out the built up product (per Ipsy). Repeat the process as needed until all the build-up has rinsed clean, and be sure to squeeze out any access water before laying your brushes flat on a clean towel to dry.

Washing your makeup brushes extends the life of the bristles, but it isn't a permanent solution, especially if you start to notice key warning signs. Throw your makeup brushes away immediately if you notice these four issues.

Throw your makeup brush away if there's stubborn product buildup or it's losing bristles

Determining the lifespan of your makeup brushes is essentially a guessing game if you clean them properly. Some brushes can last several months to a year before you need to replace them and others should be chucked out after a few weeks of application. While you can wash away any number of impurities, you should throw your makeup brushes away immediately if you notice that they're losing a significant amount of bristles (per The Zoe Report).

If you notice bristles falling onto your face while you're trying to apply your makeup, this is a clear sign that the glue binding the bristles to the base has worn down. There's nothing you can do to easily fix the problem, so you're better off tossing the old brushes and investing in new replacements as soon as possible instead.

Another clear indication that your makeup brushes are due for replacement is the accumulation of stubborn product buildup that won't budge regardless of how many times you wash the brushes. Product buildup can contaminate your products and cause pesky skin problems, so it's best to throw away your brushes and start anew when this happens.

When your makeup brush gets bent out of shape, it's time to replace it

In addition to watching for falling bristles and caked on product, the shape of your makeup brush can also serve as a warning sign for when it's time to throw your brushes in the trash. According to A Beautiful Mess, every makeup brush is designed, tapered, and angled to perform a specific application. The type of brush you use to apply your blush varies from the kind you use to apply your eyeshadow, and once you notice the distinctive shape is bent out of place, it's time to buy new brushes.

Brushes can be bent out of shape during the application and cleaning processes, so if you see that it isn't drying into its usual shape after you've rinsed it or if it's bent after you apply foundation, find a replacement item sooner rather than later. The longer you use bent brushes the more likely you are to come into contact with harmful bacteria. Avoid the issue entirely by letting go of your old brushes. Trust us, your skin will thank you.

Throw your makeup brushes away if you notice they're affecting the way you apply your products, too. If your makeup appears patchy when you apply it to your face and eyes, this is a clear indication of the condition of your brushes (per Her World). This typically happens when the brush is damaged, so avoid the headache and grab some new brushes before the problem gets even worse.