What Really Happened To Daniel From Return To Amish

TLC's "Return to Amish" has been following the show's cast with a camera crew for years, giving viewers an inside look at what happens when a young Amish person decides to leave the community they've known for their whole lives. Season 6 of the popular series premiered with the introduction of a new cast member, Maureen Byler (via In Touch). As cameras chronicled the lives of the cast, Maureen revealed that she had a crush on someone. "I have a crush on this really handsome guy," she announced on the show, according to Distractify. The guy she's referring to was an ex-Amish taxi driver named Daniel. The pair met when Daniel gave Maureen and a friend a ride to the airport. The two felt a spark immediately and agreed to keep in touch.

Cameras rolled as their romance blossomed, and Maureen began to question whether or not she would return to the Amish faith that she grew up in. Returning to the faith would spell trouble for the new relationship, as Daniel, whose last name is also Byler despite having no relation, made it clear that the relationship could not function in the long term if Maureen returned to the Amish faith, according to Distractify. Maureen told Daniel that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him and they shared a kiss. 

However, as the love story between Maureen Byler and Daniel Byler began to unfold, viewers couldn't help but notice Daniel's scars (via Our Teen Trends). While Maureen maintains that she is unbothered by Daniel's scars and finds him handsome, fans had been wondering what exactly led to the mysterious scars. Here's what happened.

The story behind Daniel's scars

Daniel Byler has reportedly had these scars since he was a small child. At just 18 months old, the TLC star ingested a large amount of Drano, a cleaning product meant to unclog drains, according to Republic World. Drano contains a combination of toxic chemicals like hydrochloric acid, lye, potassium hydroxide, and sulfuric acid, according to Medline Plus. Though Daniel was lucky to have survived the incident, he, unfortunately, suffered several mouth injuries and facial scarring, according to Screen Rant. The damage to his face and teeth is noticeable, and fans have not been shy about pointing it out.

At the time, doctors recommended plastic surgery to improve the look of the scarring, but his family refused the operation as plastic surgery is against Amish beliefs. Regardless of the effects of the incident, Maureen still maintains that Daniel is the most handsome man she's ever seen. The pair proves that love conquers all, and they solidified that love when Daniel proposed in 2020 (via Youtube). Congrats to the happy couple!