Should You Be Using Castor Oil To Treat Eczema?

When the temperature drops and the air gets colder, your skin gets drier. And for those who already suffer from skin conditions like eczema, we're positive that the winter season is horrendous. Luckily, there are multiple at-home solutions and chemicals that help moisturize your skin. In case you don't know, eczema is a skin condition in which dry and red patches appear on your skin, per WebMD. Sometimes the patches can go away with time, other times they can worsen to the point where your skin is bleeding and itching (via Exzma Skincare). No reason to worry if this happens, however. You can use medications, cortisone creams, or even oils to treat your skin condition.

One oil in particular that helps is castor oil. Exzma Skincare notes that this particular oil has anti-itching and anti-inflammatory properties. The outlet also added that many have been using castor oil to treat eczema for centuries. Furthermore, castor oil not only treats eczema symptoms, but also works to alleviate many other skin conditions, such as psoriasis (via Medical News Today). Ready to use castor oil on your dry skin? Read on to learn how to apply it.

How to apply castor oil

Though it seems easy to apply, there are some guidelines to using oil to treat your eczema. First, according to Exzma Skincare, soak a flannel or wool cloth with the oil. Then, place the fabric on the dry patches and let it rest for a couple of minutes. Next, apply a heating pad on top of the flannel and let it rest there for 30 minutes. Wash your skin with a specialized solution of baking powder and water. Do this technique a couple of times, and your skin should be smooth and fresh.

If this at-home solution doesn't work, there are medications like cortisone creams that can help your outbreaks. If you don't like using lotions, you can also try antibiotics. No matter which solution you try, something will work with your skin condition (via WebMD). Even if you don't use castor oil for your eczema, there are plenty of other reasons to use this oil, such as for treating constipation, dandruff, or fungus infections. No matter your ailment, castor oil will help treat you and better your lifestyle.