Throw Your Deodorant Away Immediately If You Notice This

Looking good may not count for much if your natural musk doesn't smell as good. Thanks to deodorants and other beauty products that help us preserve a fresh smell for hours, smelling good doesn't have to be much of an issue for most people anymore. As a matter of fact, 95% of Americans use deodorant, per Mental Floss.

When you use deodorants, the offensive smell that may otherwise escape from your armpits does not, as your skin is made uninhabitable to bacteria that cause body odor, per Heathline. That's why you can relax when you wear deodorants, knowing that you're not going to cause an olfactory assault on those who come across you as you go about your day.

Did you know that in some instances, though, deodorant is unnecessary. There's only one way to find out if using deodorant is really useful for you, or if you should just toss what you have and never bother with any new ones again. Keep reading on and we will tell you when it becomes unnecessary for you to keep using deodorant.

It may be time to immediately skip deodorants for good

Deodorant has become routine for a lot of people. But it turns out that there are certain people who don't need deodorants at all, per Live Science. Although they are few (and very fortunate), some people really go through life without any awful smells from their armpits and would be just fine if they never dabbed on deodorant at any point in their lives! According to a study conducted at the University of Bristol, about 2% of people belong in this category, per Medical News Today. Interestingly, however, people with this rare good gene (ABCC11) still carry on using deodorant like everyone else even though they don't need it at all. 

This could actually cause some harm to their skin somewhere down the line. "They're spending their money, exposing their skin to what may in a few instances not be good for their skin," said co-author of the study, Ian Day, who is a genetic epidemiologist at the University of Bristol (via Live Science).

So, you may want to stop using deodorant for a while to see if you really need it, or if you are fortunate enough to be among the 2% who never need to wear any! If you are lucky to be one of those people, it may be time to throw away your deodorant ASAP! But be very sure before making such a serious decision.