How To Achieve The Perfect 50's Vintage Look

The beauty world is constantly moving, so as 2021 rounds itself out, many are already looking forward to the makeup trends that will take over 2022. These will likely build on the best makeup trends of 2021 as people will continue to tweak them, and history will likely repeat itself once more. Vintage glamour is always in style, and while we're moving forward in time, we may look back again for retro beauty advice.

The 1950s' aesthetic is always one to admire, but we must first understand history to comprehend how their glamour can be accurately recreated and built upon. According to Glamour Daze, fashion became more frilly and feminine in the 50s because World War II was over and many women left the work sector once men returned from war. From there, they began focusing on fashion, which first took off in France and then expanded abroad. This feminine, glamorous shift occurred in both makeup and fashion, and glamour from this period is still referenced by fashion critics today.

Earlier this year, one particular vintage French hairstyle made a surprising comeback, so it only makes sense that vintage makeup trends will follow suit. Now, there are only a few specific tips you need to recreate the perfect 50s look right in your own home.

One tip can make a world of difference with vintage glamour

To achieve perfect 50s-era makeup, Superdrug says you'll only need products you probably already have in your home. The look requires a primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder, eyeliner, nude eyeshadow shades, mascara, blush, red lipstick (and, optionally, liner), and an eyelash curler.

Makeup from the 50s is all about soft, feminine touches. Their eye makeup wasn't colorful or elaborate, but rather subtle — typically in nude shades — as they let their outfits do the talking. Still, their makeup was perfectly blended and smooth in a way that accentuated their faces brilliantly. 

To achieve your look, begin with primer and foundation as normal, and then apply your concealer (via Superdrug). You can be heavy-handed at this step; they didn't shy away from makeup in the 50s. Then, set everything in place with powder after blending. For the eyes, begin with an eye primer, then coat the eye with an off-white eyeshadow. Superdrug notes that this is the best vintage makeup hint. From there, buff out the crease with a darker nude shade, using this on the bottom lash line, too. Then, use your lighter nude shade on the lid, and blend it together to create the perfect 50s eye.

From there, you can apply eyeliner, mascara, and blush like normal. Don't be afraid to blend here; the blush should look purposeful but smooth. And then you've got yourself the perfect vintage glamour!