What It Really Means When You Dream About Car Crashes

Being involved in a car crash or even witnessing one can be a life-changing experience. The shock can be difficult to deal with and the post-traumatic stress disorder can be daunting to get over (via Verywell Mind). Particularly when the crash is a big one, the physical damage and mental scarring is not something anyone would willingly want to go through again.

The feeling of distress that comes with car accidents does not stop at just real life occurrences either. You can also feel very agitated and experience stress of sorts if you've had a dream involving a serious car crash about yourself or someone that you really care about, per Mom. Just being exposed to the vision of such an unfortunate event can leave you feeling a little shaken.

The feeling can seem worse if you are one of the numerous people around the world who believe in the deeper meanings of dreams. You may find yourself attaching a negative interpretation to the dream as soon as you have it, but should you really be worried about car crash dreams? What do they even mean?

Car crash dreams may be tied to your emotions

Car accident dreams can be classified as nightmares and most of those usually occur as a result of negative energy that has built up in your mind over the course of the day or over a period of time, per Luciding. When you have fear, stress, or anger pent up in your mind, a car crash dream is more likely.

When you dream of a car accident, it is a sign of how out of control you are with your life. It may be warning that you should take things a little slowly, per Aunty Flo. People who are scared of car crashes may also end up dreaming about them. So, it should not be shocking to you, if as a new driver, you find yourself dreaming about crashes as well, per Dream Meaning.

A car crash dream could also be an indicator of a conflict with someone you are trying to not have a confrontation with, per Mom. If another car smashed yours in the dream, it could mean that your values are at odds with those of someone in your circle.

Even if you dream about a car crash that you are not personally involved in, that has a meaning. According to Check My Dream, that could mean you may be meeting or having a conversation with a "silly" person in the not-so-distant future.