These Are The Best Cashmere Sweaters Of 2021

The soft embrace of cashmere is a luxury everyone should enjoy now and again. Cashmere is a type of wool, but with a light texture and silken fuzz. It's basically like a gentle bear hug from a bougie bunny. It's the fabric you choose when you want to feel so very lovely. Imagine Audrey Hepburn in a soft, minimalist sweater, snuggling by the fire with a warm, decadent cocktail — that's a cashmere moment, baby. Years ago, it was a fabric withheld, it seemed, just for the über-rich. However, Vogue has chimed in to report that prices are coming down, so now's the time to splurge.


Cashmere has inherently soft lines with supple seams that rumple and tumble along with your silhouette. It goes with the flow. Finding the perfect cashmere sweater is not difficult, but deciding between the myriad options is a tough decision. There's a cashmere sweater for every mood and occasion with every sweater cut imaginable. Whether you want a cardigan or crewneck, start here for the best cashmere sweaters of 2021.

Buy this elevated basic to kick-start your cashmere sweater collection

If you need a cashmere for all occasions, this is the sweater for you. Lauded by Refinery29, State Cashmere's Crewneck Basic Sweater is an absolute win. Available in nine different color options, it offers endless pairing opportunities. Perfect under a blazer, with leggings, or tucked into your fave skirt — the loose fit is super versatile. Made from 100% Inner Mongolian Cashmere, it's softness is unrivaled. State Cashmere coordinates directly with the Mongolian shepherds to ensure respect for their herds, their craft, and livable wages. The goats are thought of as family members and their care reflects that. All that love and they still create a garment that's of the highest quality — bravo! 


Priced to encourage everyone to experience the joy of cashmere, this is a garment you'll treasure. They even try to minimize excess packaging. This pale charcoal option is the perfect choice for keeping or gifting.

Add colorful cashmere wardrobe basics to perk up your closet

What is it about a rolled hem that is so irresistible? They say the devil is in the details, and he's up to some delightful shenanigans with this exquisite Mer-Sea Fitted Cashmere Sweater. This sweater is a slow burn with rolled hems at the neck, cuffs, and waist. Its gorgeous color grabs ahold of the spotlight, but the hem details quietly sneak up and wow you. The super chic style is effortless. One reviewer loves it so much she bought all three color options and says, "It's ridiculously soft and can be dressed up or down. It's a wardrobe essential!"


Maintaining your cashmere is easy. Mer-Sea reminds you to dry clean as needed. Still, we also love The Strategist's tip to store your sweater correctly to avoid a moth issue. Full disclosure, though, this beauty is a year-round wonder not likely to be hidden away too long!

Choose a boxy grandma sweater to serve up some low-key cashmere vibes

Whether you call it a grandma sweater like the folks at Who What Wear or a cardigan, this boxy button-down is a wardrobe staple. If you're going for a too-cool-to-care vibe, a roomy cardigan needs to be in regular rotation. The horizontal weave of Madewell's (Re)sponsible Cashmere Deville Cardigan Sweater gives this sweater a unique look. Offered in this weathered brick color and a striking blue hue, it comes in multiple sizes — from XXS to 4X. Madewell's (Re)sponsible line prioritizes the environment, farmers, and animals, empowering you to make impactful, cumulative choices in your fashion. Boasting a hand-washable cashmere, this sweater speaks to our inner-laziness — for which we make no apologies.


The cut allows room for a bit of swing in the fabric as you move, giving this hearty sweater an edge over some other cardigans out there. It's a cozy, earthy vibe with 100% cashmere, so it's got the luxe on lockdown.

Buy this convertible cashmere sweater to pair with everything

If you follow the daily forecast from Noodle the Pug, you know that good days are known as "bones days." Bones days are the very best days because Noodle is serving up an abundance of positive energy and encourages us to go for it. The Marfa Stance Convertible Rib Crew is the splurge you deserve when good ol' Noodle gives you the green light. Designed to be worn year-round, this genius cold-shoulder sweater allows you to remove the turtleneck and sleeves to create different looks. Customizable cashmere? Yes, please.


The nylon shoulder accents also give the sweater another layer of detail. With five color options, it's a covetable morsel of cozy goodness. The 70% wool and 30% cashmere blend allows for hand-washing as well — bonus points! With faithful love from the likes of Vogue, Marfa Stance is no newbie in fashion. Their innovative designs are imaginative and supremely functional, and this convertible cashmere sweater is no exception.

Mix stripes and camo for an edgy preppy cashmere look

This Vineyard Vines cashmere sweater is an instant "yes." The crisp white and camo stripes give it an appealing preppy-with-an-edge vibe. A classic crewneck design, the cashmere is brushed to give it some added jush as well. It's got a relaxed but not boxy fit — perfect for a streamlined silhouette. The laid-back knit will be your new go-to, and it stands as a reminder that cashmere looks uh-mazing plain or patterned. If you need a little tutorial on incorporating stripes into your wardrobe, look no further than Refinery29.


What a gift to embrace a sweater that can mingle with your many fashion whims — from refined to casual. A year-round contender, the Seaspun Cashmere Camo-Stripe Crewneck Sweater qualifies for Insta-worthy selfies all 12 months of the year. Perfect for cool summer nights on the beach or brisk winter outings, this is the ultimate sweater weather cashmere.

Wear this next-level cashmere sweater to channel your inner ski maven

Alps & Meters designed this sweater in honor of Dorothy McClung Wullich — a woman who smashed ski barriers in the 1930s. Her accomplishments included being, "the first female patroller in the National Ski Patrol." This Cashmere Ski Race Knit is a gorgeous symbol of her grace and power. Boasting thick cashmere, this heirloom-quality sweater is designed for cold weather durability. The simple, refined design is striking beyond words. It's offered in sizes XS through XL, and colors include cameo rose, ivory, grey, and black. The form-fitting design is crafted from 100% Pure Mongolian Cashmere from Botto Giuseppe.


As highlighted by WWD, Alps & Meters is aligned with the highly-respected Italian mill and fabrics of Loro Piana. The luxe brand recently launched a pop-up in Aspen, according to Vogue. Alpine sportswear and cashmere? Yes! Grab a mulled wine, and hunker down at the ski lodge, honey. 

There's a cashmere sweater for everyone. So, shop around and prioritize a luxe splurge!