What It Really Means When You Dream About Losing Your Job

The prospect of being fired can be a major concern, especially as it's something that you have little control over. There can be warning signs, of course, but the majority of the time it's up to your boss or employer as to whether they actually go through with letting you go. The same goes for losing your job in general. There's even less control in this sense, as it's often down to outside factors like a company going bust or a world event like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

But, what does it mean when you dream about losing or being fired from your job? Perhaps it's a precursor or premonition of sorts that it may happen. Or maybe it's your subconscious warning you about another concern in your life — a new direction or purpose that has the potential to bring better fortune and luck than the current position you're in.

Dreaming about losing your job is rooted in anxiety

Losing your job in a dream is an "anxiety-based scenario" according to Luciding, which is usually caused by your subconscious "giving your anxious state an outlet" that "just so happens to concern your work life." It can even be associated with feeling isolated in every day life (via Aunty Flo), and how you communicate with others. Dream Meaning also notes that this dream can represent feelings of "physical and mental exhaustion," as well as a struggle to enjoy the little things in life.

In general, if you dream of losing your job it's often a sign that you're unhappy in the position you're in, rather than a premonition. According to Luciding, if you dream of being fired this can "represent anxieties stemming from your personal life" as well as a "lack of control." It may also signify that "you're at a crossroads in your professional life, and the choice you make will decide whether your current position is fruitful or not."

As for dreaming of someone else losing their job or being fired, this can stem from a sense of wanting to provide comfort and stability to those closest to you, according to Aunty Flo. It can also represent feelings of wanting a better relationship with friends and family as well. If this dream includes your partner losing their job, this can indicate struggles within your actual relationship, and that you're feeling "worried or anxious" about where it might be headed.