What It Really Means When You Dream About Being Attacked

The world of dreams is often confusing. Dreams never appear to be easy to solve, as they're often told in puzzles or other cryptic imagery. In any case, they appear to be messages from the aether (or, okay, our subconscious, which doesn't have time throughout the day to process anything; that is, until you sleep). According to The Cleveland Clinic, we dream most when in the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of sleeping, and we reach this stage in shifts throughout our sleep, meaning we don't reach and stay in it. This is our deepest sleep.

Dreams' meanings are important to understand, even if they don't make it easy on us. What it means when you dream about someone, for example, may have a bearing on your personal life. What it means when you dream about being lost might affect you, too, as might the meaning when you dream about fighting with someone. All of these matters may be telling you to do something in the real world that you're simply missing.

The sme can be said for when you dream about being attacked. Perhaps there's a hidden message in this that you can utilize to help yourself in the waking world but you don't know what it is. That's where we can help.

Dreams about being attacked often don't come from other people

Important to know when dreaming about being attacked by someone or something is that it doesn't inherently mean you're in any danger in the real world (via Times Now). Instead, it might simply mean that you're experiencing a lot of fear or hopelessness in your life, which is metaphorically "attacking" you in the real world — and therefore manifesting as an actual attack in your dreams.

Moreover, WellBeing adds that dreams about being attacked may mean you're experiencing issues of control in your life. If you like being in control of everything or if there's even one thing of which you're not in control, this can manifest as being attacked, and therefore losing control of the situation, in your dreams. This all leads to you having issues with vulnerability, too. No one wants to be vulnerable and be attacked, so if you're experiencing a moment of vulnerability in real life, your dreams may be processing it. At the same time, your subconscious may be telling you that you need to be vulnerable in some facet of your life, such as new love.

What this means is that dreams about being attacked often center around issues from within. These internal issues simply take physical form in our dreams to show that they're growing in size and power, which is also why they're taking control of your dreams, too. Your subconscious wants you to combat them. However, Times Now notes that one of the fears that could cause these dreams is being attacked. If this is the case, you should talk to someone about it before diving into why you feel this fear to begin with.