Days Of Our Lives Storylines Even Die-Hard Fans Couldn't Get Behind

"Days of Our Lives" has been a staple on daytime television for over five decades, and after thousands of episodes, fans obviously have their favorite characters and moments from the NBC soap opera. Per The Things, there have been plenty of iconic moments on the show, such as Bo Brady rescuing the love of his life, Hope Williams, from a marriage with Larry Welch by whisking her away from her wedding ceremony. Other memorable moments include Will Horton coming out as gay, Marlena becoming a serial killer, Marlena's possession, and Carly being buried alive.


The show has even done something that no other soap opera has ever done, which is to skip ahead in the storyline with a one-year time jump. The time jump took place when Jennifer Horton woke up from her year-long coma to find that she had missed months of her life. The events of the skip were later explained through flashbacks.

Although there have been some exciting and jaw-dropping plot twists on "DOOL," there are also storylines that have been widely criticized by fans over the years.

Bonnie Lockhart returns to Salem with a baby

Bonnie Lockhart is one "Days of Our Lives" character who has offered fans some comic relief over the years. However, when she returned to Salem after an absence with a baby in tow, viewers were confused, to say the least (via Fame 10). The most surprising part of Bonnie's story was that she claimed Lucas Horton was the father of her child.


Of course, fans saw right through the storyline, which grew old very quickly. Bonnie and Lucas fought over custody of the little one, and even got a DNA test that revealed Lucas was the father. However, it was later revealed that the child, who Bonnie had named "Baby Bonnie," was actually her granddaughter, per Soap Dirt. The baby belonged to Bonnie's daughter, Mimi Lockhart, and was fathered by Rex Brady, Lucas' half-brother, explaining the DNA test results. The plot seemed to annoy fans, and also caused a breakup between Rex and his then-fiance Sarah Horton.

Abigail's split personalities

"Days of Our Lives" fans watched as fan-favorite character Abigail Deveraux-DiMera descended into a wild plot that involved mental illness. However, things took a very wild and unexpected turn when it was revealed that Abby was suffering from a condition that gave her multiple personalities (via Fame 10). She began wearing a wig and believed herself to be none other than her enemy Gabi Hernandez. While believing that she was Gabi, Abigail even cozied up to her brother-in-law Stefan DiMera. The two eventually entered into a romance and even got intimate while Abby thought herself to be Gabi.


This left many fans with a bad taste in their mouths, and many viewers were divided about the plot as it played out, per Soap Hub. The storyline had plenty of drama, but viewers just didn't seem that into seeing Abigail go back and forth between herself and Gabi as she lived a double life.

Vivian buries Maggie alive

In the 1990s when Vivian Alamain buried Carly Manning alive it was one of the most dramatic and talked-about storylines to ever be seen on "Days of Our Lives." Vivian faked Carly's death, leaving everyone to see her in a casket and believe that she had passed away (via Soap Hub). However, after her casket was buried, Carly woke up to find herself six feet under, with a two-way radio at her side so that she could talk to Vivian, and the evil villainess could torture her as she took her last breaths. However, Bo Brady knew that something just wasn't right, and he saved Carly in the final moments, just before she died in her grave.


Fans were glued to their television sets as the storyline played out. However, when Vivian returned decades later and tried to revive her old plan by burying Maggie Horton alive, fans just weren't having it, and wished for the storyline to end swiftly, per Fame 10.

Kristen disguises herself as Nicole

"Days of Our Lives" fans were sad when actress Arianne Zucker exited the soap as Nicole Walker. So, when the actress returned to Salem in 2019, fans were thrilled. However, the storyline soon revealed that Nicole wasn't the person who actually returned to town. Instead, one of Nicole's old enemies, Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk), had decided to return to Salem by disguising herself as the presumed dead Nicole. Kristen immediately used her disguise to try to seduce Brady Black, per Soap Dirt.


In the end, Kristen wanted Brady to be hers and used Nicole's face to get him under her spell. The plan may have backfired when Brady found out that he'd been in a relationship with Kristen and not Nicole, but he and Kristen eventually did get together. However, fans weren't in love with the idea, especially since the two women have very different body types (via Fame 10). The plot just seemed bizarre and totally unbelievable.

Melaswen Island infuriated fans

In the early 2000s, "Days of Our Lives" struck gold with a shocking serial killer storyline. Fans were stunned when many of their favorite characters such as Maggie Horton, Jack Deveraux, Roman Brady, and Alice Horton were brutally murdered. They were equally surprised when they found out that it was Dr. Marlena Evans (Deidre Hall) who was the masked person killing off her so-called loved ones, per


After multiple murders, it turned out that the victims of Marlena's Salem Stalker were dead at all. Marlena never really killed them and the DiMeras had set the entire thing up. Instead, the killer's victims were being held hostage on Melaswen Island, a tropical location that mirrored the town of Salem and was "New Salem" spelled backward (via TV Overmind). While fans were happy to have their beloved characters back, many believed that Melaswen Island ruined one of the soap's most dramatic storylines of all time (via Fame 10).

It seems that in the soap's over 50-year run, there are bound to be storylines that fans don't like. However, they continue to tune in to see how things play out for their favorite characters day in and day out.