If You're An Aries, This Should Be Your 2022 New Year's Resolution

It's the time of year for everyone of every zodiac sign to sit down and proclaim their New Year's resolutions for 2022, and Aries particularly will have an interesting challenge this year. Aries' self-care routine involves a lot of reflecting as is, especially because they get angry easily and have to understand why they're so hot-tempered (via Co—Star Astrology). The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected them, too, meaning there are many changes they'll want to make in 2022 to better help their Aries-oriented mental health.

When making New Year's resolutions, Aries tend to be practical. They're not as creative or whimsical as other signs; rather, they're more down to earth and want to better understand their fires and how their depths can be used to advance every facet of their lives. Aries are softies, too, even if others don't think so. In fact, their irrefutable hardness is one thing many people get wrong about Aries (via Co—Star Astrology).

The pandemic has taught Aries that life is short and that they need to work on their temper and make amends with people ASAP. Now, their resolutions moving into 2022 may be more people-focused than ever.

Aries need to spend more time with themselves in the new year

For Aries, resolving to do something is a challenge, but because they're so competitive, they always rise to the challenge (via Co—Star Astrology). This is why Aries is one of the best signs for something like making resolutions, even if they don't like doing it at the moment. In fact, this is why they're great at doing anything they wouldn't normally like doing. If it's made into a competition, they'll do it, hence why setting goals for one specific year is excellent motivation for them.

For 2022, Aries should try meditating (via PopSugar). Meditating goes against Aries' very nature, but this is why it can be beneficial for them, too. Aries are known for being impatient, which is partially why the pandemic has been so hard for them. Therefore, learning to accept meditating into their daily lives could help every facet of their being. They'll be more patient with themselves, with others, with their work, and much more.

Moreover, Aries should resolve to be smarter about money in 2022, per StyleCaster. This means not only budgeting and understanding their spending habits, but also how they can grow their income and become financially healthier. However, there's also a psychological side to this. Aries need to understand their financial security. Pondering and then understanding their personal relationships with money can help them greatly now and in the long run.

Aries don't always like to sit with their own thoughts, but whether it's for meditating or fiscal responsibility, they need to commit to a lot of contemplation in 2022.