These Are The Best Colors Of Eyeshadow To Use If You Have Hazel Eyes

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The truth about hazel eyes is that they can be hard to differentiate at times, and this can make choosing eyeshadow colors harder to manage. For example, it can be hard to tell whether you really have hazel or green eyes, and if you can't tell, you may not know whether to grab green eyeshadow or a different color to highlight your eye color.

There's a real reason hazel eyes seem to change color, but today we're here to focus on how to highlight your eyes no matter what color they appear to be at any given time. According to Byrdie, hazel eyes emit warm tones regardless of how they appear to change colors. Because of this, anyone with hazel eyes can switch up their makeup on a day to day basis as their eyes change appearance, or they can find the shades that work with all hues that hazel eyes take on.

On a general level, there are a few eyeshadow colors that bring out hazel eyes' natural undertones. According to Charlotte Tilbury, golds, browns, and greens all greatly enhance hazel eyes. However, there are some specific shades that bring out the best in this eye color.

Hazel eyes require earth tones to enhance their color

Where brown, gold, and green eyeshadow shades bring out hazel eyes' undertones the best, the closest you can get to eye perfection is a more specific shade that combines two of them: a green-gold shade (via Moody Skincare). This shade, whether sparkly or matte, brings out every possible hue that hazel eyes can take on, so it's reliable when you don't know what your eyes may look like throughout the day,

However, Moody Skincare also recommends people with hazel eyes wear mauve, burgundy, navy, and deep plum. These shade options range from light to dark, and all work well with the greener and the browner sides of hazel eyes. Pink shadows generally work very well with hazel eyes, too — they brighten them up without overpowering them because hazel eyes are earthy and hold their own — and this extends to deeper colors as pink becomes more red and purple. Here, mauve and burgundy can add a splash of excitement to a neutral eye or stand on their own.

If you want to get even more creative, Charlotte Tilbury notes that silver can pop well on hazel eyes as well. Silver works well when paired with other earthy colors, including the golds, browns, and greens that traditionally work well on these eyes. Silver should be used as an accent color rather than the primary shadow, but it should remain in your arsenal nonetheless.

Ultimately, earth tones are the best route for someone with hazel eyes to take, and from there, they can build their own fairy land on their eyes.